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order from a court to law enforcement agency to release a person in jail to determine if they have been legally detained
writ of habeas corpus
legislative act that declares a person guilty and gives out punishment wothout a trial
bill of attainer
law that punishes someone for a crime committed before the act was considered a crime
ex post facto law
reasonable grounds for suspicion based on evidence from a good source
probable cause
courtstandard ststing that evidence seized in an improper search cannot be used to obtain a conviction
exclusionary rule
death penalty for conviction of a serious crime
capital punishment
relationship between the classification of a group of people and the public purpose of the classification
rational basis
grouping made on the basis of race, sex, or national origin
suspect classification
separate by race
elimination of seperation by race
segregation that is a result of law
de jure segregation
segregation that results from housing patterns and the practice of assigning students to neighborhood schools
de facto segregation
government programs designed to end effects of past discrimination and help disadvantaged groups
affirmative action programs
treating minorities differently from others in order to make up for past discrimination
reverse discrimination