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Dred Scott v. Sandford-- what was ruled unconstitutional?
missouri compromise of 1820
which amendment had the effect of granting citizenhip to all freed slaves?
in civil right cases, the court ruled that congress could not prohibit _______ ______ in public accommodations.
private discrimination
Plessy v Ferguson (lousiana)
seperate facilities for black and whites provided equal protection laws
brown v board of edu. of topeka kansas
no segregation
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination in employment on the grounds of
race, color, religion, national orgin, or sex
Title IX of the edu amendments of 1972?
female sports must be the same as male
indian tribes were considered to be ______ _____ ?
distinct governments
Regents of Cali v Bakke
strict quotas were illegal.
did the 1820 missouri compromise bann slavery ?
what was the most important civil rights case decided in the 20th century?
brown v topeka board of edu
what were black codes?
laws passed by the South following the Civil War that denied most legal rights to newly freed slaves.
which are the civil war amendments?
13, 14, 15
what is affirmative action?
A policy or program designed to redress prior discrimination
what are civil rights?
gov protected rights
Brown v topeka board of edu... why is school segregation is unconstitutional
because it violates the 14th amendments garantee of equal protection
what is suffrage movement?
votes for women in US 1890-1920
Title IX-- discrimination agaisnst???
female students
what did the 13th amendment ban?
what did the 19th amendment allow?
women to vote
what are black codes?
laws denying blacks ... made my southern states
what was the plessy v ferguson ? what did it require
railroads-- seperate but equal
which amendment has anythign to do with due proces of the laws?
what national office were elected by the state legislatures?
U.S. Senate
which is elected by the president?
supreme court
which is elected my the electoral college?
pres and vice pres
how long does the house of rep serve?
2 years
how long does the pres serve
4 years
how long does thte senate serve?
6 years
who has the power to declare war?
the congress
who has the sole power of impeachments?
trustee ?
do what theyt hink is best by their OWN judgement
delegate ?
follow their constituents wishes
politico ?
folor both delegate and trustee views
what is the most powerful position in the US house of reps?
the speaker
what is a filibuster?
a way a senator could block a bill.
how does a bill become pocket vetoed?
when the pres does nothign with the bill and congress i outta session
how do u stop a fulibuster?
what is a bicameral legislature?
a 2 house legislature created by the framers
what is a whip?
the representative that assists the leeadership in getting party members
A __________ is a tactic by which a Senator asks to be informed before a particular bill is brought to the floor.
what is the war powers act?
a law passed near the end of the vietnam war to limit powers of the president
______ committee is a joint comittee created to iron out diffrences btwn house and senate
what is a standing committee?
committee to which proposed bill are referred
explain how a law is made
committee comes up with draft and sends to the floor
-floor argues and if agrred its sent to other party
-if other party agrees they send to president. if they dont agree, they change it and send back
-if the party doesnt agree with reviesment, conferance committee fixes and and sends to pres
due process (FAIRNESS)
women voting
brown v board of edu
seperate but equal