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Congress' intrusive power is ____ then ____
tax, war
___ Bills come from house
House members care more about ___ interest
Senators care more about ___ interest
state, national
the 17th amend.
people vote for senators
Congress is not fully represenitive bc
not a sociological microcosm of american society
seats are apointed every __ years
since 1960, movement from ___ to ___ states
midwest-north to sun belt
Under S.C. "one person one vote" this happened
districts cannot be malapoortioned
redistricting process involves _____
maneurvering for part advantage
Most of congress staff is
constitency service
constituenvy service
franking, just need signature, no stamps
___ of incumbents are re elected
leader of majority party is elected
speaker of the house
party leader controls the ___ and appoints ____
calender, agenda and comimitte membership (reflects party membership)
Committe system provides ____ and controls
divison of labor and congressional policy makeup
Power is based on ___
seniority. 6 years of committee.
Five steps of a bill becoing a law
1) indroduced by congressmen. 2) refered to committee (subcommittee) 3) Committee Reports favorably 4) House rules committee 5) House floor
House Rules Committee
. gatekeeper. sets rules for debate on each bill for the house, length of times, condition for ammendments
Circular Assistants
few key assistants
Pyramid Structure
assistants report to cheif of staff
theow together (ad hoc) forces and advisors have access to Pres.
To b pres. 3 reasons
1) natural born 2) 35 3) lives in US for 14 years
A bill not signed or vetoes in 10 days becomes laws if
congress might b there
25th amed. says
waht happens if the president. dies, or sick
indictment that sets charges against an official
Congress has these 4 checks on the pres
1) declares war 2) fund other countries 3) fund war 4) regulatecommerice 5) approve ambassadors
Primary function for pres is
forigen affairs
OMB advises on the budget, only __ is controlleble to be change
these two councils advise
council of econimic affairs and the dept of treasury
the ___ has the most power
Federal Reserve Bank, every 12 years