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gurantees freedom of religion, of speech, and of the press, and the right to assemble peaceably and to petition the government
Amendment 1
prohibits undreasonble search and siezure of persons and property without a valid warrant
Amendment 4
guarntees a jury trial in most civil cases
amendment 7
guarntes that rights not given to the gereral government, nor denied to the states, are reserved to the states or the people
Amendment 10
forbids slavery in any part of the united states of lands under it's control
Amendment 13
permits congress to levy a federal income tax
amendment 16
grants women the right to vote
amendment 19
forbids the president from being elected for more than two terms
amendment 22
gives the right to vote in federal elections to men and women 18 years of age or older.
Amendment 26
Article 2
Article 5
Amendment process
guarantees the right to organize state militias and to bear arms
Amendment 2
requires a grand jury for senious crimingal chages;prohibits military trials of civilaisn; prohibits doublt jeopardy;prohibits forcing accused persomns to testify against themselves, not depreived of live, libery and proberty, w/o due process of law
Amendment 5
prohibits excessive bail and fines and cruel and unusual punishment.
amendment 8
requires that when the government of a state is sued by a citizen or another state or of a foreign country, the case must be tried in the courts of the state being sued.
amendment 11
grants citizenship to former slaves; defines the rights of citizens; guaruntees privileges and immunities of citizens; makes due process of law provision of the 5th amendment application of the states; requires states to provide the equal protection of the lawa to all citizens within their jurisdiction
Amendment 14
provides for the direct election of the United States senators by the people in the states they represent
amendment 17
changes the inauguration date for the president and vice president from march 4 to january 20; provides that the terms of newly elected memebers of congress shall begin on Januray 3, when congress begins its anual session
Amendment 20
gives voters in Washington, D.C. the right to vote for the president and Vice president
Amendment 23
states the procedure to be followed in the event of the death, removal, resignation, or disability of the president ; provides for the appointment of a Vice President
amendment 25
Article 3
Article 6
Gereral provisions
prohobits quartering soldiers in private homes in peacetime and limits in time of war
Amendment 3
guarntees the right to a speedy trial by jury ikn criminal cases; to know all charges; to question and obtain witnesses; to have counsel
Amendment 6
assures people that they may have other basic rights in addition to those mentioned in the Constitution
Amendement 9
requires the member of the electoral college to vote for the president and vice president on sperate ballots
amendment 12
guarantees the right to vute regardless of race, color or previous condition of servitude
amendment 15
outlaws the making, sellins, or ransporting of alcoholic beverages.
amendment 18
repeals prohitibion
amendment 21
abolishes the poll tax as a requirement of voting
Amendment 24
Delays congressional pay reaises until session following passage
Amendment 27
Article 1
Article 4
State to national relations