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when a ones idealology varies....they might want one liberal thing and one conservitive thing
inconsistant idealology
ideas and attitudes a significant number of americans hold about government and political issues
public opinion
a set of basic beliefs about a nation and its government that most citizens share
political culture
supports both economic and social freedoms-free markets and unrestricted speech
set of beliefs about govt
officals rely on these to find out what peoples ideas and attitudes are and what they are thinking
opinion polls
communicate the opinions of many individuals - a way of communicating to the govt what people want
interest groups
in a nation as big as the US, public opinion varies quite a bit
television, radio, newspapers, magz, recordings, movies, and books play an important part in political socialization
mass media
believes the roll of the govt should be limited; believe private organizations should take lead in solving social problems
an individual's feelings of effectiveness in politics
the process in which individuals learn their political beliefs and attitudes from influences like their family, school, friends, and coworkers
enough ppl must hold a particular opinion to make govt officals listen to them
significant number
believes the national government should be active in promoting health, education, justice, and equal opportunity
someones close friens, religious groups, clubs, and work groups that are another factor in the political socialization process
peer groups
study of people conducted to learn about the political culture
peoples ideas and opinions and attitudes must be expressed and communicated to the govt
in most cases, the political party of the parents becomes the party of their children
family influence
fall somewhere in between liberal and conservative views
propoganda and other influences are used to do this
shape opinion