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the first introductory passage to the Constitution
political power is in a strong central government that grants some powers to its states
represents the most important "law of the land" in the U.S.
U.S. constitution that did not provide for a strong central government
Articles of Confederation
location of the Constitutional convention
influential founder who did not attend the constitutional convention
Thomas Jefferson
convention rule that was not followed
delegates were limited to amending the Constitution
representation based on population, it favored the large states
Virginia Plan
Counter to Madison's constitutional plan, tried to favor the smaller states
New Jersey plan
number of states necessary to ratify the Constitution
establishes the legislative branch of government
Article I
establishes the executive branch of government
Article II
established the judicial branch of government
Article III
establishes the federal system of cooperation between national and state government
Article IV
provides for how the Constitution can be amended
Article V
options the President has within ten days of Congress passing a bill
sign it, veto it, not act and becomes law without signature
formal qualifications of the Presidency
35, natural born, live in U.S. for 14 years
establishes the supremacy of the Constitution is established in
Article VI
each branch of government having some authority over the other to prevent the abuse of power
checks and balances
most common method of constitutional amendment
2/3 vote of both houses of congress and approval of 3/4 of the state legislatures
proposed bills are assigned to
standing committees
the Constitution is the supreme law of the land
Supremacy Clause
Congress can override a President's veto with this
2/3 vote
Presidential style of management that gives all government officials access to the chief executive
more perfect union
establish justice
insure domestic tranquility
provide for common defense
promote general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty
powers given to the federal government that are specifically listed or enumerated in the Constitution
Delegated powers
those items listed in the Constitution that state governments did not have the authority to control
Prohibited powers
Those powers that are not specifically given to the federal government and are not prohibited are _________ for the states.
Another name for the "necessary and proper clause
Elastic clause
The elastic clause gives Congress the power to pass any laws that are necessary and proper to carry out its ______.
Delegated powers
The power to bring criminal charges against the President or other federal official
Term length Senators are elected to
Six years
The person who currently holds an office
work out two different versions of a bill
Conference committee
may be called by the President if an emergency arises after Congress has adjourned
Special session
The President of the Senate
Vice-President of the U.s.
Real leader of the Senate
Senate Majority Leader
official who actually administers a government
Chief Executive
Acts as President if the President is too ill to perform his duties
A President may be removed from office after a trial and 2/3 vote of this
Presidential appointments to most major positions requires
a majority vote of the Senate
winning more votes than any other candidate
As Commander-in-Chief the President does not have the power to do this
declare war
The President, his close advisers, staff, and assistants
The administration
a federal court has this if it may hear a case for the first time
original jurisdiction
Another name for the federal courts of appeals
Circuit courts
Court of last resort
Supreme Court
The most common way that cases reach the Supreme Court is through this
a writ of certiorari
Those people who an elected official is directly responsible to
The President's symbolic role as our nation's leader
Chief of State