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public bill
a bill pertaining to public affairs generally
private bill
a bill pertaining to a particular individual
simple resolution
resolution passed by either the house or the senate
concurrent resolution
resolution that settles housekeeping and procedural matters that affect both houses
joint resolution
requires the approval of both houses and the signature of the president (just like a law)
Multiple referal
when a bill is referred to several committees at once
sequential referral
when you allow a bill to a second committee after the first is finished acting
discharge petition
when the full house or senate can get a bill that is stalled in committee out and onto the floor
closed rule
a rule that sets a strict time limit on debate and forbids the introduction of any amendments from the floor
open rule
permits amendments from the floor
restrictive rule
permits some amendments and not others
minimum number of members who must be present for business to be conducted in the house
quorum call
a calling of the roll to find out whether the necessary minimum number of members is present
cloture rule
the rule that breaks filibusters in the senate
where a disputed bill is shelved temporarily so that the senate can get on with business during a filibuster
a provision added to a piece of leg. that is not germane to the bill's purpose
christmas tree bill
when a bill has lots of riders