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Raising and lowering the pitch of your voice
The sound of your voice, influenced by five factors: tone, pitch, rate of speech, volume, and emphasis
Vocal Expression
Listening that involves responding and encouraging the other person to speak
Active Listening
Looking inside yourself, thinking about how you approach your life and work, and asking yourself questions.
Prepared material, including opening remarks, a description of product or services, a benefit statement, and fact finding questions, used in presenting a product for sale over the phone
Telephone dialog
The use of the telephone to generate revenue by making sales, handeling orders, providing customer service, or arranging appointments for selling
To sort out one kind of call from another
To sort out one kind of call from another
Phone with a circular disk with holes in it. Each hold opens on a number from 0 to 9 and a set of three letters. When you dial a number, the disk makes a clicking sound as it moves back to its starting position.
Response of the person listening, which can include a direct spoken reply, as well as other clues, verbal or visual
Phone with frequently dialed numbers stored in its memory
Programmable Phone
First three digits of a seven-digit phone number.
Exchange numbers
One of several phones that can be reached through a single main number by dialing an additional extension number. A single desk phone may control more than one extension, in which case it will have buttons for each number which fash when that number rings
Reception of sounds- the physical act of sound waves entering the ear and brain.
How something sounds.
Switching a call from the central phone to an extension
Capacity to remember, including things you may not be conscious of having retained.
Interpreting and understanding the sounds that enter your ear
Call that makes it possible for three or more people in different places to take part in the same call. Offices may be equipped with phones that can handel conference calls; otherwise, they can be arranged by an operator. Also known as teleconferencing
Conference Calls
An expectation that comes true because you expect it to come true and act in a way to bring it about
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Access Code
Rules that govern how business is conducted in a company, whether for making payments, offering warranties, or answering the telephone
Company Policy
Firm, assertive and friendly. The most positive approach to getting what you need and want, as opposed to being easily put off or overly pushy