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Clinical findings of hypoathalmic dysfunction?
Central diabetes insipidus, secondary hypopituiatrism, hyperprolactinemia (decreased dopamine), precocious puberty (boys midline hamartoma), visual disturbances. mass effects, Kallman's syndroem
Clinical findings of pineal gland tumor:
paralysis of upward conjugate gaze (Parinaud's syndrome), ostructive hydrocephalius (compression of the aqueduct of sylvius in 3rd ventricle
Tumors of MEN I
pituiary ADENOMA (MOST COMMON CAUSE OF HYPOPITUITARISM), hyperparathyroidism, pancreatic tumors
most common cause of hypopituiatrism in kids, benign pituitary tumor from Rathke's pouch remnants
Pituiatary apoplexy
sudden onset of dysfunction, d/t hemorhage/infarction f preexisting adenoma, clincial onset of headache, visual disturbances, hormone dysfunction (includes Sheehan's syndrome)
Empty Sell syndrome
Anatomic defect, Fills up the sella with CSFincrease in pressure on pituiary causes it to flatten out, pituitary hypofunction
most common pituitary tumor, amenorhea and glactorhea in women, impotence and headache in men, > 200 ng/mL serum prolactin levels
Alterations in thyroid binding globulin:
alter total serum T4 no effect on free T4 or TSH
Findings of acute thyroiditis
typically bacterial infection, fever, tender gland with paingul adenoppathy, thyroptocicosis from gland destruction, decreased radioidodide uptake
Subacute granulomatous thyoriditis
d/t viral infection, occurs more often in women, granuomatous inflammaiton and multinucleated giant cells, paingul thyroid, no cervicaladenopathy, preceded by URI, permanent hypothyroisim is uncommon
Reidel's thyroiditis
fibrous tissue replacement and fibrosis of land, associated with other sclerosing conditions
Subacte painless lymphocytic thyroiditis
autoimmune develops post partum, glands lack follicles, abrupt thyrotoxicosiss (painless), progresses to hypothytoidism, antimicrosomal antibodies
Pt has tacharrhymias, high body temp, shock and coma, tx?
B-blocker and thioamides (thyroid storm)
Papillary adenocarcinoma
most common endocrine cancer, 2nd or 3rd decdes d/t radiation exposure, Psammonia bodies (calcified cancer cells), lymph invasion