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veneer vˈnɪə $ -ˈnɪr /

walnut/maple/oak etc veneer
a thin layer of wood or plastic that covers the surface of a piece of furniture made of cheaper material, to make it look better
por‧ti‧co / ˈpɔːtɪkəʊ $ ˈpɔːrtɪkoʊ /
a covered entrance to a building, consisting of a roof supported by pillars
slant / slɑːnt $ slænt / provide information in a way that unfairly supports one opinion, gives an advantage to one group etc
2.a way of writing about or thinking about a subject that is based on a particular opinion or set of ideas
The article had an anti-union slant .
sway / sweɪ /
to influence someone so that they change their opinion
Don't allow yourself to be swayed by his promises.
ex‧cru‧ci‧at‧ing / ɪkˈskruːʆieɪtɪŋ /
extremely unpleasant, for example because it is boring or embarrassing
hor‧ren‧dous / hɒˈrendəs
frightening and terrible
sanc‧ti‧fy / ˈsæŋktfaɪ
to make something holy
lav‧ish / ˈlævɪʆ /
large, impressive, or expensive
an attempt to pretend that something is true
sly / slaɪ /,cunning,crafty
clever in a dishonest or secret way
shrewd / ʆruːd /
good at judging what people or situations are really like
pré‧cis / ˈpreɪsiː $ preɪˈsiː /

plural précis
sy‧nop‧sis / sˈnɒpss $ -ˈnɑːp- /

plural synopses / -siːz /
jaunt / dʒɔːnt $ dʒɒːnt
a short trip for pleasure
a weekend jaunt
spree / spriː /

on a spree
They went on a drinking spree .
a shopping spree
a short period of time when you do a lot of one activity, especially spending money or drinking alcohol
1.a piece of metal used for fastening the two ends of a belt, for fastening a shoe, bag etc, or for decoration
2.fasten,bind / baɪnd /
ex‧a‧cer‧bate / ɪgˈzæsəbeɪt
to make a bad situation worse
The recession has exacerbated this problem.
al‧le‧ga‧tion / ˌælɪˈgeɪʆn
allegations of corruption/fraud/misconduct etc
allegation against/of/that
a statement that someone has done something wrong or illegal, but that has not been proved
im‧pli‧ca‧tion / ˌɪmplˈkeɪʆn
1.a situation in which it is shown or suggested that someone or something is involved in a crime or a dishonest act