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jupiter zeus
god of gods and men god of weather armed with thunder lightning bolts

bird is eagle tree is oak
juno hera
jupiters wife

godess of marriage bird-peacock and cuckoo
vesta hestia
jupiters sister lives on mount olympus unmarried goddess of hearth and home
mars ares
child of zeus and juno god of war

symbols burning torch and spear

children terror trembling fear and panic
vulcan hephaestus
god of forge and fire

workshop mount etna

ugly and lame
juno and jupiters daughter goddess of youth

cupbearer to the gods
venus aphrodite
goddess of love and beauty

married to vulcan
son cupid
diana artemis
goddess of the moon

silvery chariot goddess of the hunt
phoebus apollo
god of the sun
-drove flaming chariot across the sky
-also god of song,music,prophecy
-led choir of muses,nine black haired maidens each with her own realm
-invented flute and lyre
-god of healing, father of 1st physician, Aesculapius
minerva athena
godess of wisdom and war weaving
mercury hermes
messenger to the gods

winged helmet and sandals
guardian of travelers
the arts
the fates
one wove the thread of life one determined fate and one cut the string
goddess of justice
god of victory
spirit of punishment and anger
go to find the will of the gods
oracle of delphi
apollo pheobus
god of sun prophecy music song healing