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How do you keep your goat healthy?
- Fresh Food and Water
- Medicated Feed to prevent coccidiosis
- Keep a clean pen
What is a billy?

What is a wether?

What is a doe?

castrated male

What do you feed?
At each feeding: she gets
1 pound of Goat Grits
1 ounce of Mineral supplement
4 ounces of Fast Fat
Fresh/clean water every day
Daily Care
Feed & water
Check for healthy signs
Exercise 3 times a week
Tie up 3 times a week
Clean the pen
What is the hardest thing about raising goats?
What breed is your goat?
Boer cross. She has some angora in her.
Does she get any shots?
CD - protects from overeating (Enterotoxemia) belly ache
T - Prevents tetnas which they can get if the get cut
How much does your goat gain per day?
1/4 to 1/2 pound a day.
What are you going to do with your goat?
Where are the head, ears, poll, neck, dewlap, brisket, top of shoulder, back, ribs, loin, leg, stifle, fore flank, rear flank, forearm, hock, pastern, hoof, dewclaw, belly, jaw, nostil?
picture goes here
When was she born?
June 24, 2002
Born and raised as a twin
billy and doe
How old is your goat?
What is your favorite thing about raising goats?
What does the Rumen do?
Largest chamber - like a holding tank with micro-organisms (little bugs)
How much does she weigh?
__________ pounds
What are the four compartments of the stomach?
What other care have you done, helped with or seen?
Dehorning, hoof trimming, giving shots, weighing, haltering, clipping, washing, deworming
What else can you tell me about raising goats?
Life span
Pulse Rate
Respiration Rate
101.5 to 104 degrees F
8 - 10 years
70 to 80 beats per minute
12 to 20 beats per minute
1 to 1 1/2 per minute