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Who is resp. for hiring contractors and all financial resp. for a haz-mat spill?
- the RP
If the RP will not take resp. or cannot be contacted, who will arrange for cleanup?
-Special ops. Resp.(C1557)
-Incident Commander
If the FD has to clean up a haz-mat spill they will call who?
-COG Haz-mat cleanup contractor
-Materials control(6:30-4:30 pm.)weekdays
-cholla room after hours/weekends for in house resources.
Small flammable liquid spillis considered?
-Less than 10 Gallonds of diesel.
-Less than 30 gallons of Gasoline not otherwise specified.(NOS)
Micro Blaze
a hydrocarbon - digesting prod.must be used to mitigate the haz. No sub can be washed down the drain or sewer.
Spills in excess of the above require?
-haz-materials team.
Who will standbye and wait for a cleanup crew is the fire crew must get back in serv?
-Materials control