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GFD will adress safety issues of "attractive nuissances" including?
-swimming pools
-sink holes
If no RP can be contacted what will GFD do?
secure property
Why does the fd not recommend contractors orvendors for securing a bldg? What will we do?
-conflict of interest
-help customer use the phone book
When will GFD take steps to secure bldgs. with em board up proceedures?
-when they pose a safety risk to the public
-RP cannot be contacted
How can you contact em board up help?
-1800 board up
-through alarm
-Felton Antrim Cons.
What goes on the job order form? Is it mandatory? Who is it sent to?
-not required
-sent to fire marshall office for filing
-job # is incident alarm number
What if a residence is damaged? Who is contacted?
-the rp
-resp. is transferred.