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The gfd goal in disipline is to be....
disipline is to be disiplinary and........
Who does the disiplinary system protect?
Disiplinary action is for what types of problems?
-job deficiencies
-embarrassing city or Dept.
--violates off duty conduct
Where do off duty matters go?
Directly to assistant chief or fire chief through chain of command
What is the first course of action?
counseling. It may eliminate further action.
What is a performance counseling note and when is it used?
-documents counseling to an employee
-address appropriate proceedures when counseling is not appropriate or effective of the situation.
Three Phases of Disiplinary Investigation?
-Discovery Phase
-Investigative Phase
-Review and Approval Phase(major Deficiencies)
Discovery phase is
-initial fact finding phase
-minor allegations=work
-major allegations=admin leave with pay
The Central contact for Disiplinary matters is who?
Personnel and safety Division Chief.
-works in conjunction with HR
Investigative Phase personell safety chiefassighns a sup.if it is seriouse it is_______. Major is__________.
Personell safety chief assighns a supervisor.
-seriouse deficiency=employees immediate supervisor
-other than seriouse(major)=formal investigation.
When a formal investigation takes place, who completes it?
-personell and safety division chief
-law enforcement if appropriate
In Seriouse deficiencies, who will investigateand recommend corrective action?
Employees immediate supervisor
anyhting other than counseling for a seriouse deficiency the employee may bring who?
Rep. of their choice.
Who must approve reccommendations of seriouse deficiencies?
-personell Safety Division chief
Major deficiencies
-formal investigation
-Rep for employee
-cannot discuss
-may be recorded
Where do reccomendations for Major deficiencies go for final approval?
-both assisstant chiefs
- they meet with fire chief
What actions are seriouse deficiencies in the review and approval phase?
-involuntary demotion
-suspension without pay
-other personell findings per fire chief.
Fire review commitee for disipline consists of who?
-Personell and safety division chief
-Employee Rep.
-HR dept.
Sworn employees vote for____ with ___year terms for disiplinary review comitee.
-5 employees
Non-sworn employees vote____ employees for disiplinary commitee.
3 employees
Fire chief can chose from what type of employees for the disiplinary review commitee?
Who is the final authority on any personell action?
The fire chief
Who does the disiplinary review commitee foreward their decision to and what happens then?
-The fire chief or designated assisstant.
-employee notified by app. sup.
How are disiplinary appeals conducted?
In accordance with the city of glendale appeals policy.
What will the disiplinary decision include if appropriate?
-refferal to EAP
Employee decision making with pay is not to exceed?
one working day
suspension without pay for major deficiencies is not to exceed?
-Exempt employees?
40 working days or 320 working hours.
-no less than one work week.
-5yr removal