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Which is not an element of Chief Justice John Marshall’s decision in McCulloch v. Maryland (1819)?
Marshall found that contracts between states and private citizens could not be abridged.
A significant element of the American System was
How much of the adult white male population in the United States could vote by 1840?
approximately 90 percent
The portion of President James Monroe’s 1823 annual message to Congress that asserted that the United States would oppose further efforts at colonization by European powers in the Americas, that the United States would stay out of European wars, and that European powers were not to interfere with the newly independent Latin American states is called the:
Monroe Doctrine.
Which was not an element in the 1841 Dorr War?
The war’s bloodshed led to the deaths of more than 246 people, and to Dorr’s execution.
Which of the following was a factor in the split between Andrew Jackson and John Calhoun?
the Nullification Crisis
Which was not a way women became increasingly active in the public sphere during the early nineteenth century?
They exercised the suffrage after 1807.
Which was not an attribute of Alexis de Toqueville’s vision of democracy?
All Americans over age 21 ought to, Toqueville wrote, have the right to vote.
In the sentence, “Suffrage was the “the first mark of liberty, the only true badge of the freeman,” define “suffrage”:
the vote
Which of the following series of events is listed in proper sequence?
announcement of American System program; Missouri controversy; “Tariff of Abominations”; veto of Second Bank recharter
The Panic of 1819 was caused by:
the land bubble burst and its ensuing economic panic.
Which was not part of the Missouri Compromise of 1820?
The children of slaves already in Missouri were to be freed at age twenty-five.
Which of the following questions was not a key focus of political controversy during the Jackson years?
Should women have the right to vote?
Which was not an aspect of the pageantry surrounding elections in nineteenth-century American democracy?
the secret ballot
President James Madison favored a system of national economic incentives for manufacturers, a protective tariff, a new national bank, and federal financing of roads and canals that came to be known as:
the American System.
Which of the following did Andrew Jackson believe was associated with the outcome of the Election of 1824?
a corrupt bargain
What was Andrew Jackson’s nickname?
Old Hickory
By 1860, most states had eliminated ____________ from their voting requirements.
property restrictions
The “Era of Good Feeling” was so-called because:
they were years of one-party government.
Which of the following was not a key difference between the Democrats and the Whigs during the Jackson years?
The Democrats were united in opposition to paper money; the Whigs were united in support of it.
Andrew Jackson was the standard bearer for which political party?
A significant theme of the Monroe Doctrine was that
European powers should refrain from further colonization in the Americas.
When Thomas Jefferson wrote, “This momentous question, like a fire bell in the night, awakened and filled me with terror,” he was referring to:
the westward expansion of slavery.
McCulloch v. Maryland ruled that
the Bank of the United States was constitutionally legal.
Giving a political office to someone based on party service is called:
the spoils system
Which of the following was a factor in the split between Andrew Jackson and John Calhoun?
the Peggy Eaton situation
Which of the following was not a paradoxical feature of Andrew Jackson’s public career?
Although an avowed champion of states’ rights and limited government, he fought tenaciously as president to affirm the supremacy of national government.
Which of the following was not a significant development during the decade following Jackson’s presidency?
President Van Buren shifted vast amounts of federal funds to state banks.
What political party was organized to oppose President Jackson?