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What is the total yeild of Glycolysis?
Total Yeild: 4 ATP
What is the net Yeild Of Glycolysis?
Net Yeild: 2 ATP
(Becasue you need 2 to begin the process)
Where does glycolysis occur?
In The cytoplasam
What is it called when Pyruvate breaks down further?
Alcoholic Fermentation
Where does cell respiration Occur?
Which is a better way to have cell respiration occur with or with out oxygen?
When oxygen is present the breakdowns go faster. (aerobic)- with oxygen
What is the formula for photosynthesis?
C6 H12 O6+ 602+ 6H2O->Mitochondria>6CO2+ 12H2O +36ATP = Photosynthesis
What is the total ATP yeild of the Kreb Cycle?
15 or 17
What are the 3 pathways to pyruvate?
1.Alcholic Fermentation 2.Lactic Acid Fermentation
3.Cell Respriation
How does a plant store extra Glucose?
It is stored as Starch or Oil
What Did Engelman Discover about light and photosynthesis?
He found that red an Blue influence photosynthesis the most.
Photosynthesis occurs in 2 steps.. what are they?
1. light dependant in the thylakoid
2. Light independant in the stroma
Light Reactions.. what are the INPUTS :
-Chlorophyll "A"
-Photosynthetic Membrane
-And Enzymes of the thylokoid disc
Light reactions OUTPUTS:
Dark Reactions INPUTS:
From light reactions
Enzymes and stroma
Dark Reactions OUTPUT:
What are limiting factors of photosynthesis?
1. Light to bright
2.Temp. 95F (shuts down)
3. Shortage of water
Name 2 more Autotrophs?
1.Purple and Green Sulfur Bacteria