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2 roles of glycogen are:
buffer blood glucose levels and provide a means of storing glucose for strenous muscular activity
In muscle cells, glucose 6 P does what?
feeds directly into glycolysis
In liver, glucose-6-P does what?
Uses Glu 6 Phosphatase to directly release glu. into bld.
Cleavage of alpha 1,4 glycosidic bonds is by?
glycogen phosphorylase
What enzyme shifts 3 residues to acceptor branch?
What enzyme hydrolyzes the single remaining glucose?
alpha 1,6 glucosidase
What converts glu 1-P to glu 6-P?
phospho glucomutase
What releases free glucose into the blood after glycogen breakdown?
glucose 6 Phosphatase
Biosyntheses of glycogen requires what?
UDP - glucose
Enzyme used to catalyze UTP + glucose 1 P to UDP glucose is?
udp glucose pyrophophorylase
formation of alpha 1,4 glycosidic bond is catalyzed by?
glycgen synthase
what enzyme primes the chain by adding four residues?
glucosyl units are added to what end of the growing glycogen chain?
non reducing termini
what enzyme allows for branching of glycogen?
branching enzyme
Why do we need it branched?
Inc. solubility and faciliate the rate of degradation and synthesis
What are the requirements for the branching enzyme
moves groups of 7 residues from a chain at least 11 subunits long. New branch pt has to be at least 4 positions away from its nearest neighbor.
WHy is processs so precise?
allows for less enzymes for degradation and synthesis.