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what are the movements of the thigh
lateral rotation
medial rotation
aBduction of femur fixed on pelvis
Landmark of L4 5 vert
iliac crests
landmark of gluteus maximus m.
lower gluteal fold
transverses what foramen?
Superior gluteal n.
Anterior aspect of lat. border sacrum
Greater trochanter femur
greater sciatic foramen
what is the origin of the pudendal n. and how does it traverse the body?
exit through greater sciatic foramen..
Posterior cutaneous n. innervation
Sensation to large area medial thigh
Gluteus maximus m.
innervation and blood supply
superior gluteal n. and a.
Intermuscular injection - how to perform?
Inject in the upper right quadrant to avoid injuring the sciatic nerve and superior gluteal nerves
Landmarks of posterior aspect of tibia and fibula
Head of fibula
Tibial plateau medial and lateral
Tibial condyles
Interosseous membrane
Largest adductor muscle - adductor magnus
what hamstring muscles
Cross two joints
Long head biceps femoris
What is the exception in innervation to the posterior thigh compartment
short head biceps femoris
common fibular nerve
What nerves innervate lateral rotation of the upper limb
Gluteus maximus – inferior gluteal n.
Sartorius -femoral n.
Obturator internus and superior gemellus – nerve to obturator internus
Quadratus femoris and inferior gemellus – nerve to quadratus femoris
Obturator externus – obturator n.
Piriformis – nerve to piriformis
Gluteus maximus is torn or the inf. gluteal n. is injured. what can't patient do?
climb stairs
get out of a chair
Medial Rotators of upper limb?
Gluteus minimus anterior fibers
Gluteus medius anterior fibers
Tensor fascia lata
Intergluteal injections
where is it safe to inject?
complications if not done properly?
superolateral quadrant of buttock
Superior to a Line extending from PSIS to superior border of greater trochanter

complications: nerve damage, hematoma, and abcess formation