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pattern of observable behavior that is an expression of emotions
blunted (affect)
reduction in intensity of emotional expression
flat (affect)
absence/near absence of affective expression
inappropriate (affect)
discordance between expression and content of speech
labile (affect)
abnormal variability in affect with shifts in emotional expression
restricted (affect)
mild reduction in intensity of emotional expression
apprehensive anticipation of future danger/misfortune causing somatic symptoms like tension
ability to focus in a sustained manner on a stimulus
catatonic behavior
motor abn such as motor immobility or excessive motor activity
conversion symptoms
loss of/alteration in vol motor or sensory function due to neuro comdition
defense mechanism
auto psych process that protects the individual from anxiety or danger/stressors
false belief in an incorrect inferrence of reality despite evidence to the contrary
bizarre delusion
delusion that is percieved by a person's culture as totally implausible
delusional jealousy
delusion that one's sexual partner is unfaithful
erotomanic delusion
delusion that someone of higher status is in love with them
grandiose delusion
delusion of an inflated self worth/power/knowledge
delusion of being controlled
delusion of feelings of being under control some external force and not under one's own control
persecutory delusion
delusion that one is being attacked, harrassed, cheated, conspired against
somatic delusion
delusion pertaining to function of ones body or the appearance
thought broadcasting delusion
delusion that one's thoughts are being broadcasted outside the mind for all to hear
thought insertion delusion
delusion that someone is inserting thoughts into one's mind and are not their own
pattern of speech in which the ideas slip off track to another unrelated subject
disruption in the usually integrated functions of consciousness
inflated appraisal of ones self, worth,importance, or identity
sensory perception that has a compelling sense of reality but occurs without stimuli from that sensory organ
auditory hallucination
hearing sounds mostly voices that are not really there
visual hallucination
images that are not really there
misperception of the visual stimuli
ideas of reference
feelings that casual accidents have a particular meaning
speech or thinkiing that incomprehensible to others
sustained emotion that colors the perception of the world
dysphoric mood
unpleasant feelings
elevated mood
exaggerated feelings of well-being or euphoria
euthymic mood
mood in normal range
expansive mood
lack of restaint in expressing feelings with overevaluation of the significance
irritable mood
easily annoyed or provoked to anger
panic attacks
periods of sudden onset of intense apprehension, fear, impending doom with symptoms of SOB, pounding heart, chest pain
paranoid ideations
ideation involving suspicion or belief one is being treated unfairly
eduring patterns of percieving, relating to, and thinking about environment and one's self
irrational fear of a specific object, activity or situation
early sign or symptom of a disorder
impairment that grossly interferes with the capacity to meet ordinary demands of life. Can involve hallucinations, delusions, and symptoms of schizophrenia
signs observed by medical examiner
life event that may be associated with onset of a mental d/o
feelings reported by patient to the examiner
grouping of signs and symptoms with frequent occurrences and common underlying patho. cause with a treatment selection