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3/4 extension slide
Slides that allow all but approximately one-quarter of the drawer body to extend out of the cabinet.
Also a standard slide
32mm system
A manufacturing system for producing frameless cabinets. Its nameis derived from a series of holes(system holes) in the cabinet that are spaced 32 mm apart.
Also called system 32
Abrasive Grains
Grains made of crushed minerals or synthetic substances.
Abrasive Planers
A variation of a wide belt sander using very coarse abrasives that that can remove material rapidly.
Abrasive tools
Files, rasps, Surforms, textured metal sheet abrasive, and metal screens.
Acrylic Plastic
A rigid plastic that is often used for cabinetmaking.
Acylic resin adhesive
Strong and waterproof two-part adhesive that can be used for wood, metal,glass, and concrete,but not plastic
Cannot used on plastic
Adding some substance, liquid or solid, which sticks two objects together. Refer to solvent.
A solid bonding process
Products such as cement,glue, mastic, or resin that will bond similiar and/or dissimiliar materials.
Adjustable dado cutter
Device installed on the arbor of a table saw or radial arm to cut dados. It rotates with a controlled side-by-side motion.
Adjustable dial saw
A slow speed tool similiar to a circle cutter. It has a center guide drill with three surrounding arms. Each arm has two teeth.
Adjustable hinge.
Hinge with oblate mountin holes allowing for door adjustment.
Similiar to a Euro-hinge
Adjustable leveler
Protects the bottom wood surface of the cabinet and floor as well as level the cabinet
African Mahogony
A wood with much the same qualities as genuine mahoganies but with a coarser texture.
W: Genus/species: Khaya/ivorensis.