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tubes from the trachea into the lungs
breach of duty
an action or inaction that violates the standard of care
functional level w/i the Incident Management System based upon primary roles and geographic locatons:
part of the brain connecting the cerebral hemispheres w/the spinal cord:
mesencephalon (midbrain)
the pons
medulla oblongata
brain ischemia
injury to brain tissues caused by an inadequate supply of O2 adn nutrients
brain abscess
a collection of puss localized in an area of the brain
slow respiration
Babinski response
big toe dorsiflexes and the others fan out when sole is stimulated
single-cell organisms w/a cell membrane and cytoplasm but no organized nucleus
bacterial tracheitis
bacterial infection of the airway, subglottic region; in children, most likely to appear after episodes of croup
capable of killing bacteria
capable of inhibiting growth of bacteria or reproduction
ventilation device consisting of a self-inflating bag w/2, one-way valves and a transparent plastic face mask
the study of projectile motion and its interactions w/the gun, the air, and the objects it contacts
sensory nerve ending, found in the walls of the atria of the heart, vena cava, aortic arch, and carotid sinus, that is stimulated by changes in pressure.
basal metabolic rate (BMR)
rate at which the body consumes energy just to maintain stability; the basic metabolic rate of anawake, relaxed person 12 to 14 hours after eating and at a comfortable temperature;
measured by the rate of O2 consumption
basic life saving procedures such as artificial ventilation and CPR
type of white blood cell that participates in allergic responses
the unlawful touching of another individual w/o his consent
Battle's sign
black/blue discoloration over the mastoid process
a person's obvservable conduct and activity
behavioral emergency
situation in which a pt.'s behavior becomes so unusual that it alarms the pt. or another person and requires intervention
Bell's palsy
one-sided facial paralysis w/an unknown cause;
inability to close the eye
tearing of the eyes
hypersensitivity to sound
impairment of taste
bend fracture
fracture characterized by angulation and deformity in the bone w/o an obvious break
benign prostatic hypertrophy
a non cancerous enlargement of the prostate associated w/aging
death of a loved one
beta radiation
medium-strength radiation that is stopped w/light clothing or the uppermost layers of skin
bilateral peri-orbital ecchymosis
black/blue discoloration of the area surrounding the eyes, usually in connection w/basilar skull fracture;
Raccoon Eyes
test to ascertain a drug's availability in a biological model
amount of a drug that is still active after it reaches its target tissue
relative therapeutic effectiveness of chemically equivalent drugs
a slow heart rate;
less than 60 beats per minute
Bowman's capsule
the hollow, cup-shaped first port of the nephron tubule
bowel obstruction
blockage of the hollow space w/i the intestines
loud prolonged gurgling bowel sounds indicating hyperperistalsis
the formation of a child personal relationship especially through frequent or constant association;
EX: as b/w mother and child
concentrated mass of medication
Bohr Effect
decrease pCO2 (acidity) = increased O2 which binds to hemoglobin;
this in turn causes hemoglobin to give up more O2
body surface area (BSA)
amount of a pt.'s body affected by a burn
a strict form of infection control that is based on the assumption that all blood and other body fluids are infectious
body language
nonverbal communication
body armor
bullet proof vest:
protects with tightly woven fibers against bullets, knives and blunt trauma
basic life support
blunt trauma
injury caused by the collision of an object w/the body in which the object does not enter the body
blood-brain barrier
tight junctions of the capillary endothelial cells in the CNS vasculature through which only non-protein-bound, highly lipid-soluble drugs can pass
transmitted by contact w/blood or body fluids
blood tubing
IV administration tubing that contains a filter to prevent clots or other debris from entering the pt.
blood tube
glass container with color-coded, self -healing rubber top
blood spatter evidence
the pattern that blood forms when it is spattered or dropped at the scene of a crime
force of blood against artery walls as the heart contracts and relaxes
twitching of the eyelids
blast wind
the air movement caused as the heated and pressurized products of an explosion move outward
birth injury
avoidable and unavoidable mechanical and anoxic trauma incurred by the newborn during labor and delivery
bipolar limb leads
electrocardiogram leads applied to the arms and legs that contain two electrodes of opposite polarity
bipolar disorder
condition characterized by one or more manic episodes, w/or w/o periods of depression
Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure
B lymphocytes
white blood cells that, in response to the presence of an antigen, produce antibodies that attack the antigen, develop a memory for the antigen, and confer lon-term immunity to the antigen
the application of ethics to the life sciences
biologic half-life
time the body takes to clear one half of a drug
related to disease processes or structural changes
changing a substance in the body from chemical to another; in the case of Hazmat the body attempts to create less toxic materials
acute or chronic inflammation of the small synovial sacs
sac containing synovial fluid that cushions adjacent structures
occurs when coping mechanisms no longer buffer job stressors, which can compromise personal health and well-being
burette chamber
calibrated chamber of Berutrol IV admin. tubing that enables precise measurement and delivery of fluids and medicated solutions
bundle of Kent
an accessory AV conduction pathway that is thought to be responsible for the ECG findings of pre-excitation syndrome
bundle branch block
a kind of interventricular heart block in which conduction through either the right or left bundle branches is blocked or delayed
bulimia nervosa
recurrent episodes of binge eating
a substance that tends to preserve or restore a normal acid-base balance by increasing or decreasing the concentration of H+ ions
buckle fractures
fx. characterized by a raised or bulging projection at the fx site
b/w the cheek and gums
bubble sheet
scannible run sheet on which boxes or "bubbles" are filled in to record info.
sound of turbulent blood flow around a partial obstruction
Brudzinkis's sign
physical exam finding in which flexion of the neck causes flexion fo the hips and knees
Brown-Sequard's syndrome
condition caused by partial cutting of one side of the spinal cord resulting in sensory and motor loss to that side of the body
Broselow tape
a measuring tape for infants that provides important info. regarding airway equipment and meds based on pt.'s length
abnormal clarity of pt.'s transmitted voice sounds
viral infection of the medium-sized airways, occurring most frequently during the first year of life
chronic dilation of a bronchus or bronchi, w/a secondary infection typically involving the lower portion of the lung