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Border provinces in France, Part of Germany after the Franco Prussian War
Leon Trotsky
Communist leader who led the Red Army
British passenger liner that was struck by a German torpedo
Nicholas II
Ignored German demand to cancel mobilization
The Somme
The British, French, and Germans fought a battle here. It was terrible and inconclusive. British introduced the tanks here.
Treaty between America and France that denounced war as a means of settling disputes
Benito Mussolini
"Il Duce" dictator of Italy
Maginot Line
France built a series of fortifications that were 200 miles long to prevent against German invasion
Third Reich
What Hitler called his government; the Third Empire
Region around Russia where Stalin's labor camps were
Mohandas Gandhi
Protested racial discrimination based on civil disobedience
Salvador Dali
Artist who used surrealism
Neville Chamberlain
Resigned after Norway and Denmark fell
Dwight D. Eisenhower
-Allied commander
-Assembled force for D-Day (Operation Overlord)
In southern France, the Nazis set up a puppet government here under Henri Petain
Harry S Truman
Ordered atomic bomb to be dropped
Haile Selassie
Condemned Italian aggression in his country
Francisco Franco
Led the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War
In this battle, the American defeated the Japanese navy and ended Japanese naval superiority in the Pacific
Sit of trials for Nazi leaders after the war
Germany's 1839 treaty about neutrality
Signed with Great Britain, Russia, and France, and guarunteed the neutrality of Belgium
Fascists, like communists, advocated what?
gave the state total authority
authoritarianism and totalitarianism
Where were Indians fired upon?
Gandhi's spinning wheel
symbol of independence movement and symbol of the National congress
Colapse of France helped Japan achieve what?
Stalin's agreement about Hitler
Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression pact
WWII began with the invasion of what?
QWhat is kristallnacht?
the night when the Nazis carried out attacks on jews in Austria
Allied Pacific campaign
Included island hopping, leapfrogging, bypassing some islands and attacking others
World's major manufacturer in the 1920s
What was the American's neutrality policy in the 1940s while supplying Britain?
Cash and carry
Who were allied with Austria Hungary in WWI?
Central Powers
Who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor
Isoroku Yamamoto
Who assassinated Francis Ferdinand?
Nationalists groups from Serbia
Where were the postwar talks with Roosebelt, Churchill, and Stalin held?
What was the major turning point in WWII?
HOw did the French insure Germany would pay its war debts in 1923?
They invaded Ruhr Valley and took control of coal mines and steel mills
What is the treaty of Brest-Litocsk?
Russing signed this with Germany. They lost most western territory and a third of the population.
Who developed the theory of relativity?
Albert Einstein
What agreement between Italy and Germany made them declare war on the U.S.?
Tripartite Pact
Who was the first to use poison gas?
German troops
Russia sided with Serbia in 1914 after what diplomatic agreement?
Austrai-Hungary declared war on Serbia and France said they would support Russia
The newly formed USSR was controlled by whom?
Communist party leaders
What are the commonwealth of nations?
A voluntary assocation linking Great Britian and its former colonies on an equal basis
Who became the fascist leader of the black shirts?