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what is Mercantilism?
USE! (colony exists for good use of the mother country.
What is a cold war?
A war without weapons, a political and economical struggle between democratic and communist block.

U.s &allies vs. Russia &satellites to get 3rd world countries.
What is a Colony?
a small hunk of land controlled by a european (another) mother country.(ex.Britain)
What is an extended family?
A family with more than 2 generations.
What is a Joint family?
This is an extended, living in compounds.
What is a nulear family?
A 2 generation family
What is a Clan?
Any group that shares something in common.
What is a tribe?
A group of clans.
What is Imperialism?
Empire building by force.
What is Nationalism?

And what are the three ways to get it?

A.)Take it-revolution
b.) be trained for it-Mandate
C.Be given it-Post WWII(1945)

What is Neocolonialism?

what are the 3Ways ?
control economy, or the workplace controls them.

a.)make loans of capital to former colonies.
b.) Leave cashcrops behind
c.)build mines,harbors, roads, railroads, canals,or oil wells.
What is Patriotism?
Love of ones country.