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the interactionof people, business, government from different nations of the world
reliance of all people or nations of the world on other people or nations of the world
why is global interdependence more of a reality today
recognize examples of global interdependence
-u s dollar most used in trade
-Nafta-North American Free trade agreement
-WTO- World trade orgnization
3 historical turning points in US foreign policy
1. Spanich World War
2. WWI
3. After WWII soviet change
3 reasons the US became interested in the Cuban struggle for independence
1. to protect us shores and shipping routes
2. to free Cuba-reminded us of our fight for independence
3. Godd for us economy
20th century arguements for imperialism
-interest in military and commercial trade
-allow us to promote American democracy values in foreign land
20th century arguments against imperialism
-US has a responsibility to American Ideals
-US under influence of Great Britain
Reasons the Senate opposed joining the League of Nations after WWI
because the US would/might have to come to the defense of any member being attacked
Iron curtain
soviet Union cuts off Eastern Europe from the Western World
stop the spread of communism
US foreign policies
-Preemptive militay strikes
US hoped to threaten and scare the Soviet Union so they would not go through with a nuclear attack
reasons people are fearful of globalization
resentment of Americanization of their culture (Westoxification)
positive effects of globalization
-technology improvements
-change in government policy open doors to previously unobtainable places
negative effects of globalization
-some countries are unable to compete at same level as others greater
-interdependence between economics(one country's downfall could bring down other countries
benefits of free trade
-gives opportunities to lower level countries
-promotes democracy
-makes american goods more competitive
criticisms of free trade
-favors big business
-ignores the workers
-doesn't protect american jobs
3 international health concerns
1. malaria-Africa
2. Aids-felt equally all over the world
3.Malnutrition hunger, lack of food in poor countries
should the UN be reformed
Less powerful countries would have more of a say
what are human rights
certain fundamental and absolute rights every human being has no matter what national laws and cultural traditions say. Basic right belonging to every human no matter of race, color , relighion, citizenship and political belief
un involvement after the cold war: Iraq 1990
-un has economic sanctions
-UN and US force pushed Iraq out
-Kurds in N. Iraq protected by UN
UN involvement after the cold war: Somalia
-US sent in forces, not backed by UN
-18 americans killed
-American support decrease
supporters of George W. Bush's new National Security Strategy argue
-good job of defining a vision and values behind US develop goals against terrorism
-allies to dismantle terror won't get attacked
critics of the new National Security Strategy argue
-should not cost to much
-how do they know they are going to attack
supporters of the current war in Iraq argue
-get weapons of mass destruction, eliminate enemy, won't stop until it's done
critics of the current war in Iraq argue
No connection between the two
Is the us prepared for another terrorist attack
Today the us is, but on 9/11 it wasn't
nuclear weapons
we are afraid other countries might sell them to terrorist groups
countries we are concerned about who have nuclear capabilities
Iraq, N. Korea, Iran, Pakistan
what is nuclear proliferation
is the spread of nuclear weapons production technology and knowledge to nations that do not already have such capabilities
Nunn-Lugar Threat Reduction Programs
US sponsored program to take apart and dispose nuclear weapon materials through out the soviet union
who coined the term United Nations
Franklin Roosevelt
when was UN formed and why
1945- after WWII and the holocaust
Kofi Annan (country)
US secretary of State
Condaleeza Rice
how many votes do member states get in the General Assembly
Where is the main headquarters of the UN located
New York City
Main purpose of the UN
Keep peace
5 permanent members
United Kingdom
United States
Total members
Which country is the largest financial contributor to the UN
United States
Which us document is thebUN preamble modeled after
Preamble of the US constitution
How do different regions of the world perceive the UN
the most important body in defining world behavior. The us believes it does not need the support of the US
Purpose of the General Assembly
to vote on international concerns and make decisions
purpose of the security council
maintain international peace and security
recognize reason why other countries may hate the US
-absence of democracy
-us military support
-more technology
-gap between how we see ourselves and how others see us
american culture taking over in other ocuntries, middle east losing their culture and incorporating american culture