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Iron Curtain
term used by W. Churchill to describe barrier between free and communist Europe
General term to describe U.S foreign policy to stop the spread of communism
Marshall Plan
more coomon name for European Revocery Act that provided billions of dollars to help Europe rebuild after WWII
major military alliance of the free world
asian country that became communist shortly after WWII
Warsaw Pact
military alliance between Soviet Union and communist countries in eastern Europe
city that was divided by heavily fortified wall until it was torn down in 1989
russian man made satellite launched into space in 1957
american spy plane shot down over Soviet Union in 1960
in 1962, sovuiet union and "US almost went to war over missiles located in this country
word used to descirbe relaxation of tension between US and USSR in 1970s
asian country occupied by soviet troops from 1979 to 1989
Lech Walesa
the solidarity trade union led the struggle against communism in this country
Historic arms control treaty to eliminate some intermediate range nuclear missiles
common wealth of independent states
the loose association of independent countries that formed after the collapse of the USSR
independent baltic republic that used to be a part of the USSR
independent muslim country in central asia that used to be part of the USSR
Kiev is the capital of this independent country that used to be part of the USSR
Muslim region within russia where rebels and terroriests have been fighting for independence
established policies of glastnost and perestroika
Mikhail Gorbechev
responsible for ordering the soviet occupation of eastern Europe at the end of WWII
Joseph Stalin
led the freedom movement and became the first president of poland after collapse of communism
Lech Walesa
ordered soviet troops withdrawn from Afganistan and refused to send soviet troops to prevent the collapse of communism in eastern Europe
Mikhail Gorbechev
led the de-stalinization effort and became the first soviet leader to visit the U.S
Nikita Khrushchev
orderedm the blockade of WEst Berlin in order to test american resolve to contain communism
Joseph Stalin
led the soviet union to the brink of world war during the Cuban Missile crisis
Nikita khrushchev
this writer was elected president of czechoslovakia as a result of the velvet revolution
Vaclav Havel
current leader of russia who has attempted to roll back democratic reform in order to combat terrorism
Vladimir Putin
chancellor who led effort to reunify west and east germany
Helmut Kohl
first democratically elected president of russia who led opposition againt the failed communist coup of 1991
Boris Yeltsin