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King Gustavus Adolphus allied w/axel oxentierna

4 things
*consult state council
*bureacratic position > swedish noble
*equipt swedish army
*build military

3 emphasize
machine like structure

political revolution

2 things
galileo galilei

2 things
*heavy/light same
belief system universe runs like a machine natural law god
american war of independence

2 wars
*civil: loyalist/patriots
*external: american/britan
what did the jacobians want

3 things
*male voting
*price control
*abolition of monarchy
napoleon. modern state entail

3 things
*central govt
*effective tax system
*napoleon code
england growth rate

4 things
*sanitation & medicare
*limit family size
*decrease in epidemics
social darwinism
idelogy ppl operate on natural selection. human gravitate > proper station
system of govt monarch aims @ achieving total control.
europe absolution (economical development)

3 things
europe absolution

(5 features)
*adopt military
*grow politics eco & society
*cominace of law
*increase of technoology
*increase in discpline.
1634 nobles publish doct form of govt

(3 things)
*lutheranism- state religon
*legislative power
*primary of the nobles
french absolution
cardinal john de richehou
cardinal mazarin
(2 things)
*increase monarch
*unity in france
ppl and fundamental changes occur
types of revolutions
(5 types)
scientific revolution
(3 things)
*human view of universe
*new perspective bout ppl
*new way to solve problem
abandonism aka modernity
nicolaus copernicus aka father of modern science
*model of the universe
*cosmos is sun centered
*used logics/math
isaac newton
model of the univese
used calculus
english rev (monarchy - suppermacy)
*raise money w/o parliment
*great influence in the house of covanant
*count on loyal ppl
english rev (parliment)
*oust 2 monarchy
*support 3rd monarchy
*limit authroity
*control of judical matter
cause of english rev

(3 things)puritanism
*double population
*# lord triple
*cost of govt
result of english rev

3 things
bill of rights
toleratism of 1689
trimal act
natural law. foundation of all law
*respect for poverty
*increase honor contractual agreement
*obligation to compensate for damage
john locke
state foundation be the ruler and the rule
natural right
right to property and freedom
spirit of law
system of checks n balances no dominant branch
woman emancipation
right to edu and jesus
adam smit
laisser faire
idea in essy form
british/namerian rev.

2 phase
*throw british rule
*creation of political system
uprising of ppl to change leadership not structure
british/namerian rev. disagreement (2)
financial (punitive act)
mercantilism- eco system colonies sell raw material
delibirate use of power to eliminiate opponents
5 men who ran the exe branch
ruled rance through legislation
napoleon bonaparte
ruled france.
*centralized govt
*tax system
*code of napoleon
code of napoleon
*everyone was equal in law
*property was protected
*wmn subordination to men
*catholic state religion
industrial rev (2phase)
*dominate in textile shoes
*industry manifacture railroade engine.vehicle
edited by dennis diderot
*unify knowledge
*illustrate w/technical info
*present subject in essay fourm
laissiez faire
*present pracitcal info on manufature items
*improvement of living for ppl
eco bases: industrial rev
captial investment
*ppl work agriculture would be effiecnt to supply
organization of work
segregatio of task
standerdization of parts
assembly lime
new model of transportation
steam engine
steam ship
nationalism- emphasize ppls social role as a memeber in a nation
*historcial experience
nationalism institution
1. nationalism forces
2. edu system
3 voting franchise
4. transportation
modern ideology thought: johan van herder
1.natims is past
2.general mass
a. development of grammer. ppl want original
b. dictionaries
c. book teaching young
d.edit journals
e. standard language
zulu nation
kill large #
organized army
convince british