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A sppecific part, area or territory that has similarities, example-Central America, Northern Maine (trees)
-measure north and south
A distance that is north or south of the equator
A distance that is east or wast of the prime meridian and run north to south
Prime Meridian
An invisible line that divides the world in half east to west, runs north to south
the parts of the world split by the prime meridian or equator
Key (or Legend)
A list of symbols on a map or chart
A map showing things other than political or physical features (population, language, climate)
Contour Lines
A line on a map joining equal elevation points
Compass Rose
A symbol on a compass or map, circual with points for direction
Cardinal Directions
One of four main compass points
Intermediate Directions
The other points on a compass (North east, south west...)
The ratio of the size of an object and its representation on a map
physical Map
A map showing boundries, bodies of water, deserts and mountian, etc.
Political Map
A map showing a country's territoreis and boundries and capitals
Map Projection
showing the globe onto a flat surface using grid lines
A center around which something rotates
The act of turning on an axis
To revolve around
A turning motion around an axis
One of the two times when the night and day are equal (september and march 21)
One of the two times when it is either the longest or shotest day (summer and winter)
The Tropics
In between both lines representing the farthest northen and souther pionts at which the sun can shine
The average ari conditions in a specific place over time (generally 30 years)
Air conditions in a given place at a given time
Prevailing Winds
The wind direction, blowing in a fairly constant pattern
Trade Winds
winds blowing from east to west, above adn below the equator
On the side exposed to the wind
The side away from the wind
rain Shadow
An area with little precicipation, because of a barrier(mountain)
Plate tectonics
A theory explaining distrubution of world's things
Continental Drift Theory
The movemnt, formation of continents discribed by plate tectonics theory
Internal Forces
Forces that shap earth which orginate from within the eart casued by plate mantel activity
Fishers in
Plates that separate and magma, mountains form
Rift Valley
Weak zones in plate which slide (fault zones)
The Ring of Fire
zone of volcanic activity that coincides with the borders of Pacific Ocean
Surface Forces
Forces that shape the earth's features whcih originate from the earths surface
Mechanical and Chemical Weathering
Physical foces that shapes the earths surface (mechanical) and chemical elements that shape the earth's surface (chemical)
natural processes (weather) in which material is worn away-forming canyons
A mass of ice, flowing over land masses makes land curvy not pointy
Acid rian
Acid precipitation falling like rain (pollution)
Ice Age
When glaciers covered a large surface of the earth
Land Bridge
A neck of land that connects two land masses
Glacial Till
The part of glacial drift that was depsoited by the glaciers decay
A strip of land connecting land masses
A group of islands
A deposit at the mouth of a river caused by tidal currants
Desert Climate
Where rainfall is very low during the year, it might not rain for years and then have a flash flood, vergation can't survive
Steppe climate
Found in the middle of continents in lee of high mountain, the mountains block the moist air so there isn't enough precipitation for trees to grow, small plants and grass
Mediterranean Climate
sumemrs are hot and dry, winters ar cooler and moist
Arable Land
Fit for cultviation
The Nile River
longest river in the world-forms delta with the medditeranean Sea, used for irragation, only source of moisture for the Egyptain Civilizaiton
The Arabian Peninsula
in southwest Asia between the red sea dn persian gulf-Saudi Arabia, Yeman, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait
Domestication of animals
Teh egyptian started it for pets and agriculture
Alluvial Soil Deposits and Deltas
A soil depositied by runing water, very good for irrigation
In SouthwestAsia, an alluvial plain between two rivers called the crade of civilations, between the Tigris and the Euphrates
The Fertile Crescent
A historical region in teh middle east-Ancient egypt, the Levant and Mesopotamia-surrounded by water
Nomadism-permanent residency-civilation
Nomadic people traveled around and then found a place with food and water and the conditions they needed so they settled and then they needed a way to organize themselves so they had a civilization