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How many pounds of fuel do all three tanks hold
Main Wing 30,100 lbs
Center Wing 11,000 lbs
Aft Tank 2,310 lbs
Total 43,550 lbs
What is the prime redundancy characteristic of the FMQGC (fuel mgt quantity guaging comp)
It is dual channel
Can the main AC boost pump operation be manually inhibited from the cockpit
Under what three conditions will the DC boost pumps automatically operate
1. To aid engine feed in the
event of an AC primary
pump failure
2. During T/O and landing
with the flaps >0 with the
landing gear down
3. In flight with a low fuel
condition (600 lbs wing)
What fuel pumps are located in each of the feed tanks
Two main primary AC pumps and one DC pump
Can fuel be manually transfered from the center tank to the feed tanks
No, there is no way to pump fuel from the center tank to the wings
Where is each of the fuel tank drain valves located on the aircraft fuselage
There is one drain valve for each main wing tank on the under side of the feed tank, two under the center wing tank and one beneath the aft fuel tank. 5 total
What is the purpose of the wing fuel tank relief valves
They prevent an overpressure condition in the event of a blocked or failed vent or re-fuel shut-off valve
In the automatic mode when does fuel begin to transfer from the aft tank to the main wing tanks
When the wing tanks get below 5,500 lbs
In the fully aoutmatic mode, if an AC pimp in the center tank fails before the fuel is transfered to the main tanks how will the fuel be distributed to both wing tanks to maintain lateral balance
The remaining AC Pump will continue to pump fuel to its respective wing tank. When an imbalance >400 lbs occurs the fuel computer will begin to xfer fuel to the opposite wing tank to eliminate the imblanace
What is the normal position of the crossfeed SOV during engine start
Closed. Fuel for engine start normally comes from the respective DC Aux Pump then the AC Primary pumps
In the event of a wing fuel transfer valve failure, will the cross-feed valve open automatically to provide wing lateral balance
No, there is no automatic mode for the cross-feed valve. It is pilot selectable, manual operation only