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What functions are carried out when an engine fire control handle is pulled
The fuel, hyd, electrics, bleeds are shut-off and the bottle is armed
There is no method of overriding the fire discharge handle solenoid
False, the handle may be released by depressing the manual override button behind each handle
What action needs to be taken to direct the second extinguishing bottle to the APU area after an initial firing has occured
you must slide the lockout pin out of the way then turn the handle the opposite direction to discharge the other bottle
How many discharge squibs are on each fire extinguisher bottle
Can the fire bottles be discharged into the main wheel wells in the event of an overheat
How many fire loops exist for each engine
Normally, how many loops are required to detect a fire
If one loop is shorted what occurs
The system isolates that loop and then uses the one reamining loop for fire detection
In the event of an APU Fire Warning will the APU shut itself down and will it automatically extinguish the fire
It will auto shutdown on the ground. It will not auto shutdown in flight. It will never discharge the bottles automatically
Does the Main Wheel Well overheat detection system use a dual loop or single
If the "L ENG SQUIB 1 FAIL" advisory CAS message (cyan) is illuminated is it still possible to discharge a fire bottle