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Indications for the Aural/Visual warnings are generated by which systems
EICAS, EGPWS, WX Radar, TCAS, ADC, and Stall Prot Sys
What are the items that are normally displayed on the EICAS
1. Primary Eng Parameters
2. Secondary Eng Parameters
3. Flats/Slats/Spoiler Pos
4. Fuel Quantities
5. Ldg Gear Position
6. Trim Ind
What are the 7 systems synoptic pages
1. Fuel
2. Hydraulics
3. Flt Cont
4. Bleed Air
5. AC Elecs
6. DC Elecs
7. Air Cond
What is the flow of data from the DAU to the DU's
What are the functions of IAC 1&2
EFIS,EICAS,FWC,CAIMS,FMS,Autothrottle,AFCS and Tone/Aural generator
What are the functions of IAC 3
When are warning messages generated
When immediate recognition and corrective action is required
What type of aural alert is associated with a warning message
Triple Chime
Is a warning message always accompanined by a voice advisory
How do you extinguish the lights, cancel the aural warnings and reset the MASTER WARNING lights for future warnings
Pushing either Master Warning Switch silences the related aural warnigns except for which ones
Config Warnings
Which aural alert/voice messages/s will not trigger a Master Warning/Caution Light
1. Autopilot disconnect
2. Config Warn
3. Stall Warn
When are caution messages generated
When immediate crew awareness is required and subsequent action will be required
What type of aural alert is associated with a caution message
Single Chime
Where do caution messages appear on the EICAS
Immediately below the Warning Messages
What is the purpose of an Advisory Message
When crew awareness is required and subsequent crew action may be required
What is the purpose of a Status message
They indicate non-normal pilot selection and are reminders to the crew
How can non-displayed messages be viewed
By turning the scroll knob to re-display non-displayed messages
How many messages can be displayed simultaneously without the gear and flaps pop-up display
On the CAS, how does one know how many messages there are above and below the message track
The arrow and numeral indicate the number and position of non-displayed messages
How do you know when the last message has been displayed
An END message will be seen
WARNING (RED) messages can be scrolled from view
What do the aural warning mute switches on the overhead panel allow the crew to accomplish
Disable thr tone/aural generators located in IAC 1&2
During the takeoff and landings, the IAC's process inhibit logic in order to minimize spurious or distracting messages
Which conditions cause Caution and Advisory messages to be inhibited during takeoff
Weight on Wheels
IAS moves above 80
During landing when are Caution messages and Advisory messages inhibited
Ldg gear down and RA less than 200 ft
Which condition will trigger the TOO LOW GEAR warning and voice message
If the landing gear is not down and locked with a radio alt less than 500 ft AGL and an IAS less than 190
Which aural/visual clue(s) are provided by the stall prot system to warn of an impending stall
1. Low speed cue
2. STALL voice mess
3. Stick Shaker
The pilot's flight instruments are normally supplied by
The Air Data System is compromised of 3 ADC's. ADC source annunciation is projected on individual PFD's
With the loss of one ADC if reverted and with the loss of two ADC's if reverted
How does the crew record an additiona event in the FDR in flight
Push the EVENT button
What is CAIMS used for
Collect diagnostic and fault data from airplane systems
On the PFD the airspeed trend vector represents
A maximum movement of 30 kts and the airspeed that the aircraft will be at in 10 secs
The airspeed rolling digits on the PFD airspeed tape will turn red when
The IAS equals or exceeds Vmo or is less than the calculated stall warning speed
Digital V speeds are displayed on the bottom of the PFD airspeed tape and
are selected through the FMS, automatically or manually
On the PFD, the altitude trend vector will display
The altitude that the aircraft will be at in six seconds given the current vertical speed
The Flight Director Command Bar presentation may be changed from Single Cue to Cross Pointer display
through the MENU function on the MFD Control Panel
The roll and pitch attitude declutter functions initiate when
the roll is >65 deg and the pitch is >30 deg or <-20 deg
In the case of the PFD Vertical Speed Tatget Bug,
is displayed when the flight director VS or VPATH mode is selected and will be rounded off to the nearest 100 FPM when the target is greater than +/-1000 ft
On the PFD Control Panel, the HSI button is used to
select full or partial compass display
A standard pressure setting, either in In/Hg of Hpa may be selected by
Pushing the center of the BARO SET knob
The pop-up menu display on the individual MFD's is selected by
depressing the MENU buttonon the MFD Control Panel
Selecting the TCAS button on the MFD Contol Panel will
display the TCAS Zoom window at the last selected range
Individual entries on the pop-up MENU are
selected by moving the MFD Control Panel joystick up or down ans executed by pushing the ENT button
You have selected the pop-up menu display on your MFD, you may revert to the vertical profile by
selecting VERT PROFILE on the pop-up display or by pushing the menu button a 4th time
The Standby Altimeter/Airspeed Indicator displays
non-corrected indicated airspeed
Comparison Monitor Annunciations are displayed when the difference between the ___ exceeds the predetermined trip thresholds
A CHECK PFD warning message on the EICAS display indicates
misleading data on both PFD's