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How many Flight Guidance Computers are there? How many Yaw Dampers?
2 and 2
When coupled left, if the FD command bars are active, what haqppens on each PFD when you select the Left/Right FD switch on the Guidance Panel with the autopilot engaged
Left- removes both command bars
Right- removes only the right command bars
What happens when you push the speed knob on the FGP
Changes IAS to Mach or Mach to IAS
When you disengage the AP does this automatically disengage the YD
In the event of an AP channel failure the priority will automatically switch over the the other channel.
true or false
How are the AFCS channels manually engaged
Via the pop-up menu on either MFD in conjuction with the MFD control panel
Is the yaw damper automatically engaged on the ground
Yes, within 3 secs after the completion of the AFCS power-up test
What is the autopilot engagement range
Pitch- +/- 50 deg
Roll- +/- 75
When the autopilot is engaged without any FD modes being active, what FD modes become active by default
Pitch and Roll
Name the seven ways that the autopliot can be disengaged
AP disc button on the GP
AP disc button either yoke
Disc the YD
Disc the IRS's
Moving the stab trim switch
TCS button
TOGA button on throttle
What is the PFD indication when the BANK switch is pressed on the FGP
An "eyebrow" is displayed between +/- 17 deg on the top of the attitude ind
When iv VS mode, will the FGP generate commands to exceed Vmo or Mmo
No, When a potential overspeed is detected VS FD commands will be limited to 3 lts less than Vmo or Mmo and an amber MAX SPEED is displayed on the PFD
Vertical takeoff mode generates a fixed pitch attitude of ______ deg for 2 engine ops and ______ deg for 1 engine ops
17.5 deg and 13 deg