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what is the word for a colony like place, or a place that is owned by another country
think of Palestine when it was under british power
what was the event that occured Fall 2005
Isreal completely withdrew from the gaza strip
think of what Palestine wanted the most region wise
what was the problem with the Balfour Declaration
British promised the same land to Isreal and Palestine and the land that was promised belonged to the Ottoman Empire
think of why they were fighting
was the cause of the first arab isreal war
Palestine atacked because it was not happy that Isreal got more land then them
think of land distribution
who signed the Oslo Accords
Yitchaz Rabin, and Yasir Arafat
the 2 Y's
what is the first step to interpreting a political cartoon
the first step is to pull background knowledge about the subject
think of BK for you
who did the Sinai Penninsula and Golan Heights originally belong to
the Sinai Penninsula belonged to Egypt and the Golan Heights belonged to Syria
think of map
what was the result of the first arab isreali war
Isreal won 1/2 of Palestines land
think of fractions
who is the current leader of Palestine
Mahamoud Abbas
think of the Ch

who is the current leader of Isreal
Ariel Sharon
think of the girl's names