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What is a serf?
a worker whose labor is owed to someone elseand whose status is inherited through children. they have personal rights are not considered owned.
What is a Manor?
a agricultural estate of varying size normally owned by a noble and worked by unfree and free pesants.
What is a Fief?
a grant of land award by the king to a regional leader to construct a manor.
What is Homage?
A fedual cermony in which a man acknowledges himself a vassal of a lord.
What is Fealty?
the fieldltity of a vassal or fedual tenant.
What is a Vassal?
a person, a noble, who owed feudal dues to a surperior.
What is feudalism?
a decentralized sociopoltical structure in which a weak monarchy attempts to control the lands by recpriocal agreement with a regional leader.
Renaissance Humanism
the study of liberal arts that enrich the minds of man during the italian renaissance.