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What are the mountains that run along the west coast of South America?
Andes Mountains
What is a cash crop?
a farm product usually sold for export
What is Colombia's leading cash crop?
What is the religion of most people in South America?
Roman Catholic
Why are South and Central America called Latin America?
Most people in these countries speak Spanish or Portuguese which are Latin based languages.
What is navigable?
large enough and deep enough to allow passage of ships
What is an empire?
A group of lands under one ruler
Why is Peru's climate kept fairly mild although it is near the Equator?
The cold Peru Current keeps Peru's climate mild.
What is Tierra del Fuego?
Tierra del Fuego is a group of islands off the sourthern tip of Chile. Its name means Land of Fire.
Bolivia's location in South America makes it ______________
Chile runs about 2,650 miles along which ocean?
The Pacific Ocean
What is a gaucho?
a cowhand
What are the Pampas?
treeless plains in the center of Argentina
What is Patagonia?
dry, windswept plain of Argentina.
What region does most of Argentina's beef, corn, and wheat come from?
the Pampas