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Broad, flat lowland area surrounded by higher land
steep cliff separating two fairly flat land surfaces, one higher than the other
thick tropical forests of the Amazon basin in Brazil
plant fiber used to make rope
in Brazil, term used for urban slum areas
large, grassy plains regions of Latin America
hydroelectric power
electric power generated by falling water
height above sea level
in Latin American history, a military dictator
buffer state
small country located between larger, often hostile, states
describing a country that has no land on a sea or ocean
in southern South America, a cowhand on horseback
welfare state
country in which government money is used to provide needy people with health care, unemployment benefits, and so on.
plant whose roots are ground into flour and eaten; in tapioca pudding, for example
What is South America's largest country?
Brazil in both size and population
Where is the world's largest rain forest?
The Amazon River basin holds the world's largest rain forest.
What is the leading manufacturing country in South America?
Rapid industrial growth during the 1900s has made Brazil the leading manufacturing nation in South America.
What is the ethnic background of Brazilians?
The people of Brazil are of European, African, Native American, or mixed backgrounds.
What are the countries of Caribbean South America?
Caribbean South America includes Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.
What is Venezuela's most important natural resource?
Oil has made Venezuela one of the wealthiest countries in South America.
What is the ethnic background of the people of Caribbean South America?
The people of the Guianas trace their heritages to Asian, African, European, and early Native American cultures.
What is the ethnic background of Uruguay's people?
Most of Uruguay's people are of European descent. They live along the coast.
Upon what does Uruguay's economy depend?
Uruguay's economy depends on lifestock raising.
Upon what does Paraguay's economy depend?
Paraguay's economy depends upon forestry and farming.
Name a landlocked country of South America.
Paraguay is a landlocked country.