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Bubble Rock!! Acadia Maine

It was the result of a glacier << concluded by The Father of Glaciology aka Louis Agassiz
.....and how was it placed up there?!
L. A.
How does snow become ice?
packs together, b/c gravity, less and less % air
4 steps
continental glacier aka ice sheets
--1 mill sq miles
--upsidedown bowl
--flows outward in all directions fr center
flows outward in all directions fr center...
ice shelf
--when a continental glacier reaches and spreads out over the ocean
look at the pic
ice cap
alpine/valley/mountain glacier
--confined to a valley
--ie Mt. Ranier
3 diff names!
morraine stripes
Piedmont glacier
--a valley glacier that reaches the valley floor and spreads out
it peed everywhere
tidewater glacier
--a valley glacier that ends in a lake or ocean
it meets the tide
elevation above which snow remains year round
glacial movement--how?
Gravity!! they move b/c their own weight
--sliding on meltwater layer on base above bedrock
--sliding is much faster than internal flow
--valley glacier--downhill, stakes..
sliding on what?
moves bc of what?
--a crack in the ice due to the uneven movement of a glacier
--only found to a depth of 165 ft, above the plastic flow
due to ___ movement of a glacier
only found to a depth of ___ above ____
--bowl-shaped depression at the head of a glacial valley
at the head
--sharp edged ridge
--created when 2 cirques are located back to back
starts w an "a"
--an arete that takes on a saddle shape
--caused when 2 cirques begin to erode backwards and begin to connect
--a pyramid shaped peak created by the presence of 3+ cirques
Glacial valleys/troughs
ie Doubtful Sound, NZ
**can have hanging valleys (waterfalls)
--on the sides: cirques w aretes and horns + tarns(pools of water) + pater noster lakes (leading into streams)
--v-shaped bf glaciation, fills w snow, then u
--flooded glacial valley
starts w "F"
--a mtn peak that sticks out of a glacier
it attacks fr within the glacier!!
any boulder moved by a glacier
ie bubble rock
ie bubble rock
-a mound, ridge, or other distinct accumulation of glacial till; often pushed
1.medial 2lateral 3 ground 4end (terminal and recessional)
4 types
medial morraine
--form where glaciers join
--debris mostly on top of ice
--may b many in a very large glacier
lateral morraine
--debris that accumulate along the sides of a glacier + deposit along these margins
ground moraine
--when a valley glacier melts completely away, the debris carried on or w/in it are dropped on the valley floor, creating a deposit--gr moraine
--has NO distinct morphology
no distinct morphology
end moraine
TERMINAL: marks the farthest forward progression of a glacier
RECESSIONAL: are created when a glacier ahs begun to recede, but then moves forward again w/o ever reaching its furthest point
--alternating bands of light (winter) and dark (summer) ice that form ridges and swales at the base of some falls
light vs dark
ablation hollows
--irregular features created in the surf of a glacier due to differences in wind and temp on the glacier's surf
--during the day the black rock absorbs heat and melts the glacial ice, causing the depression
rock >>depression
sun cups
sun cups
--ablation hollows that develop during intense sunshine
--due to extreme relief of ablation hollows found at most often high altitudes in the tropics
--they're created as a result of differential snow ice evap and sublimation rates
--spikes of snow <<resemble repetent souls
repetent souls
--a nearly vertical channel thats formed by flowing water
--if u fall in goodbye!
channel like a mole
rock/glacial flour
--rock that has been pulverized by the grinding of glaciers
glacial milk
--when rock flour mixes w water
--lines made in rock by stones beneath the glacier scratching the rock's surf as the glacier moved
--they indicate the direction the glacier was moving
--deep striations, made by rocks underneath the glacier
deep s___'s
chatter marks + crescentic gouges
--caused by short, abrupt movement
Roche Montonnee (Sheepback)
--plucking on one side>rough (lee)
+ abrasion/ice polishes the other surf side
sheepback mtn
--gen grouped together
--lee slope is more gentle
--made of till
--a cone shaped deposit of sediment, formed by a river flowing over the surf of a glacier into a crevasse
--a cone shaped deposit of sediment, formed by a river flowing over the surf of a glacier into a crevasse
--a winding ridge of sedm material (us. gravel or sand) deposited by streams that cut channels under or thru the glacier ice
winding ridge
--any material carreid by a glacier and dropped on land (unstratified)
stratified drift
--any material deposited by a glacier in water
dep in wataaa
--couplets of sedm layers indicating cyclic deposion
--thick/light = sand/summer
thin/dark = clay/winter
outwash plains
--that area at the end of glacier where meltwater flows and deposits sediment
at the end of a glacier
Pater noster lakes
--our father, rosary beads
--a series of lakes connected by streams
rosary beads
moraine damned lake
--a glacial lake damned by a moraine
kettle pond
--kettles that fill in w water
--icebergs get buried by outwash, then melt
kettle pond
kettle pond
--kettles that fill in w water
--icebergs get buried by outwash, then melt
ie walden pond
kettle pond
cirque lake aka tarn
--cirque fills in w water
lake in a cirque
--when a glacier reaches the ocean or any large body of water and large pieces of the glacier break off