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Apu Fire
1. APU overspeed test button press
2.APU Master OFF (less than 10%)
3.APU fire extinguisher after 1 minute
4.APU fire test (GRD 5 lights, Ain 6 lights)
Cabin press low
1. Check cabin indicators + controls.
2. Decend as necessary
3. Use oxg as appropriate
Check PFD
There is misleading info on both PFD's
1.Check pitch, roll,airspeed and altitude on both PFD's to verify info is correct
DAu 1-2 Miscmp, msg.
There is a miscomparision between data channels

put both channels on the side to ident. faulty channel +switch to good channel.
Engine exceedance
In this case, red=good ,blue =bad

L.P. H.P. or TGT above limits

1. Retard throttles to achieve own setting within limits
Eng Fire loop ALRT

Both HP+fire handle Lit real fire

Both HP +fire handle not lit, you could have fire
HP + Fine handle Lit

1.warning tone silence
2.Pwr. idle
3.If lights out, test system
4. If good +parameter good
5.Don't shutdown
6. Eng bleed off/open isolate valve
7. If lights on
8. HP cock shot
9.Fine handle pull
10. Fire ext dish 1

HP + fire handle not lit,you could have fire

1. check fine detective panel
2. perform fire test
3. if good isolate faulty loop.
4. if bad execute fire procedures.
ENG Fire on Ground
1. Stop a/c
2. PArking brake set
3. Power lever - idle
4. Hp cock - shut
5..Fire handle - pull
6. Fire ext - discharge 1
Smoke detect

bass comp
right avionics bay
1. No smoke , seat belt sign - on
2. oxy mask +goggles - on
3. Flt - landing switch - flight
4. no visible sign of fire pass oxy-select
5. consider emergenc - decent
6. Smoke mask and portable oxy crew member don
7. smoke source - investigate
8.Baggage door seal valve - evac.
AFT Equip Hot
1. identify faulte side
2.. low bleed is that side
3. appropraite bleed sw off
4 isolations valve closed
5. descend to FL 410 or below if message persists or returns
6. emergency descent to below 15000
7. pass oxy mask deploy
8. Opposite bleed switch off (result less of cabin press.)
9. If message persists (land ASAP) Checklist
AirCraft Config
1. Check flaps
2. Speed brakes
3. gear
4. correct config.
L-R Eng Hot
Eng Cooling air temp is above 860'F/460'C

1. Eng bleed - off
2. power lever - retard
A. If light out, continue with reduced Eng power.
B. If light not out
3. H.p. cock - Shut (if jammed, pull fine handle.)
4. Power & trim - as required
5. gear & flaps - As required
L-R fuel Pressure Low
Fuel press at HP inlet less that 15 PSI
A. both fuel pumps on 1 side had been turned off with X flow or there is a fuel leak.

1. Check boost pumps on and operative
2. Check X flow valve
3. Check Erratic Fuel flow
4. Shut down ENg if erratic
open X flow to get fuel to the other side
checklist.also could be low pressure mec.fuel pump inop
GND Spoliers
Ground spoiler component failed or deployed

1. Ground spoliers arm switch off
2. Ground spoliers C/B - pull,cpo c-6
during landing
3. speed brake - deploy
Main door + baggage door
Door not locked
1. Reduce cabin diff
2. Check locking handles
If Door secure, continue flight.
If not, Land ASAP
L-R REV unlock
1. During T/O Below VI Abort

2. ABove VI, Above 400 AgL
a. Reduce power on affected eng
b.Less than 200 knts
c. Depress Emergency stow
d. Lights out land asap
e. If ReV not stowed land asap MAX flap 20
L-R Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter Clogged

1. Reatrd Power to 75% HP
2.Check Fuel temp + increase to above +5'c
3. HOld for 10 sec(before restoring power.)
4. Shut down if becomes erratic
5. Land ASAP
Air start
1. Power lever - idle
2. Airstart Ing - on
Anti-Skid fail after t/o
1. anti-skid off
2. Brake page - 300 to 400 PSI apply
3. Retract gear

Runaway Elec trim
1.Auto pilot - press + hold
2.Elec trim switch - disengage
Eng Fail Below VI
1. Power levers- idle
2. max anti-skid braking - apply
3. speed brake - deploy
4. TRs - as required
ENG Failure during t/o Above VI
1. heading
2. Rudder
3. Rotate at VR
4. V2
5. Positive rate gear up
6. V2 until 1500 Agl on min safe/ flap up/vfs min
7. Speed FLch Heading
8. At 1500 ayl or msa 180 sleep
10. Checklist
Stall Barrier 1-2
1. Auto Pilot press and hold
2. Stall barrier switch - off
3. autopilot disengage button- release
Emergency decent
1. oxy mask 100 90/pass oxy , manual
2. mask mike / co-pilot declare emergency
3.PWR level - idle
4. 30 deg bank 10, 10 deg pitch down to vmo
5.speed brakes
6. 7700 transponder
7. no smoking seat beat sign
8. 500 feet above lvl off retractspped brakes
L-R Pylon Hot
temp above 325 deg F
1. Bleed air off faulty side
2. isolation valve - closed
3. message - monitor if persists shutdown eng.
L-R Oil Press
Oil Pressure Below 16 PSI
1.CHeck oil Pressure
2. Minimum oil pressure is 16 psi below 76% hp rpms
3. Shutdown eng if pressure is abnormally low (below 16 psi)
Fail to shift to Air
mode after lift off
1.gan spolier switch off
2. nutcracker switch test - depress + hold
3.l/g up
4. nutcracker C/b (CPO-overhead-b13-pull)
5. Nutcracker switch - release.checklist
Flight controls
11. Speedbrake - retract
2. yaw damper - off
3. FLT pwr shot off handle pull
A. ALT 25,00 feet max
B. Airspeed 250 knts
c. Flaps 20 deg ,checklist
Undesired flap movement
1. Emergency flap switch - emerg.
2.Emergency flap control - pull or push
3. Manual flap c/b-pull
Declaring an emergency
Call sign
postions /alt
fuel remaining
number of soles
Cabin dfrn
1. raise cabin alt
2. increase rate of climb

Unusual Altitudes (nose high)
1. Increase power
2. bak
3. nose to horizon
Unusual altitudes(nose low)
1. reduce power
2. Speed brakes
3. wings level
4. nose up to horizon