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True or False: Gilda's handbook was called "The Master Psychics Handbook"
Where did Gilda go on her summer vacation?
San Francisco
What did Gilda tell her teacher that she was going to do in San Francisco?
Write a novel
What was Gilda's favorite possession?
Typewriter that her father gave her
What was Gilda's uncles's name?
Lester Splinter
What was Mr. Splinter's daughter's name?
Gilda's best friend in Michigan was:
Wendy Choy
Where did Wendy go on vacation?
Music camp
Who invited Gilda to San Francisco?
Whenever Gilda felt low, what did she like to do?
Typed a favorite memory or eat a peanut butter, chocolate syrup, and banana sandwich.
Who saw a real ghost?
What area of Lester Splinter's house was off limits?
The tower
What was in the envelope with Melanie Splinter's name on it?
A letter from Lilyvale Residential Facility
True or False: Juliet had a dream that she saw Melanie locked in the tower
Why was Gilda fristrated when she found out that her mother had a date?
Gilda wouldn't be there to witness, supervise and spy
How did Gilda and Juliet attempt to communicate with the dead?
Ouija board
What did the girls hear during their séance?
Who totld Gilda to "wake up"?
Her father in a dream
Where did Gilda and Juliet find the key to unlock the tower?
In the garden angel's mouth
Who was Juliet talking to in her dream?
Aunt Melanie
What did the girls find on the first floor of the tower?
Self portraits of Melanie
What was so unusual about the paintings on the second floor of the tower?
They were all black
What was the object of the paintings on the third floor?
What did Gilda find in a drawer?
A letter from Melanie
What did Melanie write in the letter?
That she was leaving
What did Juliet think that meant?
That Melanie committed suicide
What happened when the girls tried to leave the tower?
They were not able to open the door
Where had they left the key?
On the outside of the door in the lock
Who had a dream about taking care of Melanie?
Lester Splinter
What did Mr.Splinter see as he sleepwalked through the house?
Where did Mr. Splinter go as he sleepwalked?
To the tower
Why hadn't Mr.Splinter told Juliet that her aunt was a painter?
He thought that Melanie's paintings would be too frightening
Why did Juliet decide to leave home?
Because she felt that her father thought that her life would turn out like Melanie's.
What appeared from under the door of Juliet's bedroom?
A letter