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What provides MOTOR innervation to the muscles of the tongue? What is one exception?

Palatoglossus is innervated by CNX--Vagus
What provides sensory innervation to the anterior portion of the tongue?
General sensation = lingual nerve

Tast buds = facial nerve/CNVII
What provides sensory innervation to the posterior portion of the tongue?
Sensation and taste are both CNIX/Glossopharyngeal
What provides sensory innervation to the extreme posterior portion of the tongue?
What provides main blood supply to the tongue?
The lingual artery and veins drain to the internal jugular vein
What nerve innervates the submandibular gland? The sublingual gland?
CNVII for both
What three structures pierce the parotid gland?
Facial nerve, retromandibular vein, and external carotid
True/False: The parotid gland is innervated by CNVII.
FALSE--it only pierces it does not pass through.
What innervates the parotid gland?
Glossopharyngeal CN9