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What does the brain-gut axis consist of?
Intrinsic motor activity, modulation by the ANS, sensory fibers from the GIT to spine to brain, and 3 areas in the brain that co-ordinate the processing of GI pain
What is the triad of pathogenisis of IBS?
Altered perception, altered motility, and visceral hypersensitivity
What study gives evidence for visceral hypersensitivity?
Balloon studies--place balloon in people's colons and ask when they can feel it as painful. IBS patients can't handle the balloon being very big-->their intestines are more sensitive to the stretch
What do PET scans show about IBS?
IBS patients show no anterior cingulate cortex activity--Normal patients do show activity there
TRUE/FALSE: The best way to diagnose IBS is with PCR.
FALSE--no diagnostic test exists, there are no physiological abnormalities
How do you diagnose IBS?
Symptoms must fulfill Rome criteria at the exclusion of other diagnoses
True/False: You never get weight loss with IBD.
FALSE--unintended weight loss may occur
What are some differential diagnoses for IBS?
IBD, colon cancer(check family history), lactose intolerance, CELIAC disease, infectious diarrhea
Where do diverticuli usually occur?
Where the vasa recta penetrate the intestinal wall
What are the pathophysiologies of diverticular disease?
Colonic wall structure, amount of dietary fiber, and colonic motility(segmentation, elastase deposition, and collagen cross-linking)
True/False: Elastin deposition increases with age.
TRUE--this can lead towards diverticulosis
How do you get diverticulitis?
First you have the outpocketing diverticulosis and then they get blocked with poop and get infected
Why would you have urinary symptoms with diverticulitis?
Because the sigmoid colon sits on the bladder--a fistula can occur here
What is the treatment for diverticulitis?
Bowel rest, antibiotics, and analgesia
What kinds of perforation are known?
Peritonitis--like a perforated appendix where there is direct opening into the peritoneal cavity
Abscess formation--more concentrated and walled off by fat around the colon
True/False: Fistulae can develop between any two epithelialized surfaces
What is the most common form of fistula?
How does GI hemorrhage occur? Is it related to inflammation or diverticulitis?
Due to rupture of the vasa recta stretched by the diverticula--it is NOT related to diverticulitis
Where are most diverticuli found? Where are most bleeding diverticuli found?
In the sigmoid colon--in the right colon
Who's the coolest girl ever?
Shorty :)