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Enzymes in glycogen degredation
Glycogen phosphorylase
- Frees a G 1 P (converted to G6 via isomerase)
- gives ATP for later use

Debranching enzyme
- two active sites
- transferase (moves branch)
- alpha 1-6 glucosidase (frees single G)
Enzymes in glycogen synthesis
Glycogen synthetase
- for 1-4 bonds
- puts UDP glucose on chain
branching enzyme
Major product of glycogen breakdown
G 1 phosphate (from phosphorylase activity)
Fate of G 6 Phosphate (from glycogen breakdown)
Enter glycolysis in liver
Dephosphorylate (via G6Pase) & rls to blood
Glycogen synth (via phosphoglucomutase)
Enzymes for glycogen metabolism regulated by
- catabolic signal gives glycogenolysis
- anabolic signal gives glycogenesis
Catabolic signal to body
Low sugar- Glucagon
Stress/fear- Epi
Anabolic signal to body
Glucagon affect on glycogen metabolism
(catabolic signal)
phosphorylate Glycogen Phosphorylase
(activated) via cAMP, PKA activates phosphorylase kinase

allosteric regulation from b form
Insulin affect on glycogen metabolism
Activate phosphoprotein phosphatase
Turns off enzyme system

(inactivates a phosphorylase, phosphorylase kinase & activates glycogen synthetase by activation-phosphorylation- of phosphoprotein phosphatase)
Ca regulation of glycogen metabolism
Activates glycogen phosphorylase (degrade)
Mechanism of Von Gierke’s
Deficiency of G6phosphatase
Liver loaded w/glycogen (what disorder)
Von Gierke’s
Mechanism of Cori’s Dz
Absence of debranching enzyme
Accumulation of branched polysaccharide (from what disorder)
Mechanism of Anderson’s Dz
Absence of branching enzyme
Accumulation of unbranched polysaccharide (from what disorder)
Mechanism of McArdle’s dz
Absence of muscle phosphorylase
Low exercise tolerance (from what disorder)