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Exocrine pancreas
-Produces a wide spectrum of degradative enzyme to help digest food

-stored within cytoplasmic granules of pancreatic acinar cells (zymogen granules).

-secreted in a watery alkaline fluid that serves to neutralize the gastric acid.
Structure of the exocrine pancreas is very similar to the parotid gland but…
1. Epithelium of intercalated duct projects into the lumen of the acinus-centroacinar cells

2. No striated ducts in the pancreas

3. Presence of islets in the pancreas
Major digestive glands
1. Major Salivary glands-
Parotid, Submandibular/Submaxillary, Sublingual

2. Exocrine Pancreas

3. Liver
Gland Organization
Duct system-
Simple- single unbranched duct
Compound- branching duct system

Cellular organization of secretory portion
tubule-straight, coiled, branched
acinar-spherical collections of cells
1. Complex fluid-product of serous and mucous glands

2. Lubricate mucosa of oral cavity
Dissolve food for taste bud function
Moistens food for swallowing

3. Digestive-contains amylases and lipase to facilitate digestion.

4. Protective- host defense functions
immunoglobulin A produced by resident B cells and plasma cells
Produces saliva
Largest salivary gland (serous gland with serous acini)
Saliva produced by
parotid, submandibular/submaxillary and
sublingual salivary glands- compound tubuloalveolar glands
with ducts emptying into the oral cavity.
Submaxillary/mandibular gland
mixed with serous> mucous acini
Sublingual gland
mixed, with mucous > serous acini