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the execution of millions of people, particularly Jews, by German Nazis during World War II
Reunification (1990)
the process of becoming unified again (becoming one again- West and East Germany becoming one Germany)
Adolf Hitler
Brutal and terrifying dictator of Germany, leader of the Nazis- based on extreme love of country, German greatness, and hate.
Berlin Wall
1961- 1989
Wall separating East and West Berlin, democracy and communism, to prevent people from leaving East Berlin
government in which property such as farms and factories are owned by the government for the benefit of all citizens, central gov. controls all aspects of citizens' lives
system in which government owns most basic industries
system in which basic and nonbasic businesses are owned by the people
Fanatical national pride (believing that your people are better than all other people- Hitler)
a leader who has absolute power, leader with total control over his or her people
Cold War
A time of tension between the United States and former Soviet Union without actual war (1945-1990)
World War I
German had to give up territories, had to reduce army, penalized billions of dollars
World War II
Adolf Hitler in power in Germany, taking over other countries in Europe, defeated by the Allies (Great Britain, France, United States, Soviet Union, and China), Germany divided into two countries
a complete change in government (often through violent means)
East Germany
Communist, controlled by Soviet Union
West Germany
Democratic (people rule the country), people responsible for selves.
a type of government in which people rule themselves through elected representatives
Mikhail Gorbachev
Soviet Union leader who made it clear that he would not use force to protect communism in East Germany
Pope Benedict XVI
Current Pope of the Catholic Church, German, forced to be part of Hitler's Youth as a child.
Angela Merkel
Elected Chancellor of Germany in 2005.
Germany introduced the Euro in 2002