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What is the name of the cultural center in Switzerland?
Blue Danube
______ is the largest country in Central Europe.
____ is often called the "Land of the Reformation".
The _____ _______ War was a war between the Catholics and Protestants in Germany.
Thirty Years' War
__ __ ____, was the king of Prussia that made the country a world power.
Frederick the Great
In _____, WWI broke out in Europe.
During WWI, Europe was divided into two groups. The ____ included Great Britain, Russia, France, Japan and U.S.
Germany and its partners were known as the ____ ___ in W.W. I.
Central Powers
In the 1930s, the National Socialist Party in Germany was led by __ ___.
Adolf Hitler
The National Socialist Party in one political party that was the _____.
W.W.II was fought on three continents: ___,____, and __.
Africa, Asia and Europe
In WWII, the Axis group was made up of __,___, and ___.
Germany, Japan and Italy
In WWII, the Allies were __,___,___ and ___.
Great Britain, Soviet Union, China and the U.S.
_____ was the capital of West Germany.
__ ___ was the capital of East Germany
East Berlin
The Communist built a wall between the two Berlins called the __ ___.
Berlin Wall
In _____, the Soviet Union announced that the Berlin Wall would be torn down.
Famous rivers in Germany are __,___ and ___.
Oder, Elbe and Danube
The __ ____ is a famous forest in Germany.
Black Forest