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das Bedenken (-)
doubt, reservations; reflection, consideration (about, gegen)
der Überschwang (-)
der Tapetenwechsel
change of scene(ry)
die Lawine (-n)
avalanche (fig/lit)
spreizen (v.t.)
to spread (fingers, wings, etc.)
sich spreizen
to make a fuss/scene (liter.)
die Prise (-n)
dash (of), pinch (of), touch (of); prize, catch (maritime)
der Hengst (-e)
stallion; male camel
die Stute
der Klimawandel (-)
climate change (envir.)
die globale Erwärmung
global warming,
die Vorahnung (-en)
premonition; presentiment; foreboding
der Türspion (-e)
peephole, spyhole (in door)
leihweise (adj/adv)
on loan
der Henkel (-)
handle (on cup, mug, pitcher)
der Dolmetscher (-)
interpreter (m.)
die Schanze (-n)
ski jump; entrenchment, earthenwork, fieldwork, redoubt (mil.)
irrigerweise (adv)
mistakenly, erroneously
die Gleitsichtbrille (-n)
glasses with graduated/progressive lenses (bifocal/trifocal), varifocals
die Lesebrille
reading glasses
die Bifokalbrille
bifocal glasses, bifocals,
die Anreise
journey (there/here), travel time (to get there/here); getting there/here (directions); arrival
der Treibstoff (-e)
versalzen (v.t./i.)

versalzen (adj)
to oversalt, add too much salt; to become salty; to spoil

too salty; spoiled