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What are the prepositions that are always followed by the accusative case?
bis, durch, fur, gegen, ohne, um
How do you negate schon?
noch nicht (not yet),
noch kein [+noun] not a [+noun] yet/not any [+noun] yet
How do you negate noch?
nicht mehr (not any more, no longer) kein [+noun] mehr no more [+noun], not any more [+noun]
What are the accusative cases for each gender for dies?
diesen, dieses, diese
What are the accusative cases for each gender for jed?
jeden, jedes, jede
How is the verb werden irregular?
In it's 2nd and 3rd person singular forms, wirst and wird
Conjugate the verb mogen in its singular present tense forms.
mag, magst, mag