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Contraindicated meds for ESRD include
During exercise, a patient with ESRD may experience muscle cramping due to ____ imbalance
Normal range for glucose-fasting
Safe glucose range for exercise
Why should pts under radiation therapy avoid swimming pools?
The could get exposed to bacteria and develop infections; plus chlorine may irritate radiated skin
T or F

With age and disease, residual lung volume increases
A pt with emphysema would present problems with
Angina and infarction impair function by decreasing
max cardiac output and oxygen consumption
Low HR during maximal exercise
Sick sinus syndrome
Max HR ___________ with age
Balance between myocardial oxygen demand and supply
Ischemic threshold
What can be used to identify the ischemic threshold?
Is US contraindicated in pts with pacemakers?
No, but cannot be used over the thoracic area
FITTE formula
frequency, intensity, time, type, enjoyment
Layer of the epidermis that is the major barrier to the environment and prevents penetration of substances
stratum corneum
Thickest of the epidermal layers
stratum spinosum
Layer of the epidermis that continuously produces new cells
basal layer/stratum germinativum
Layer of the epidermis that contains melanocytes
basal layer/stratum germinativum
Contains collagen and elastic fibers
Allows skin to dissipate both pressure and shear forces
subcutaneous layer
ABCD method
With diabetic ulcers, pulses and temperature are generally
Moderate to heavy exudates are related to what kind of ulcers?
Absence of edema and regular shape are related to what kind of ulcers?
This type of dressing may present a barrier to keratinocyte migration
Impregnated gauze dressing
This type of dressing is permeable to vapor, oxygen and CO2, but impermeable to bacteria and water
semipermeable film
Can semipermeable films be used in highly exudating wounds?
T or F

Sheet hydrogels are highly effective as bacteria barriers
They are generally reserved for granulating or slough-covered partial and full thickness wounds
Semipermeable foam dressing
Dressings that are non-adherent and biocompatible
The shingles rash forms blisters that typically scab over in _____ days and clears up within _______ weeks

Sxs of shingles can include
Upset stomach
Pain, itching or tingling before rash develops
Loss of vision if eyes are affected
Likeliness of developing shingles increases if
-Older than 60
-Chickenpox before age 1
-Weakened immune system
With RA of the spine and extremities, rule out
possibility of atlanto-occipital subluxation
For Fibromyalgia pts: Avoid
eccentric and high-intensity exercise
Thalamic and Weber's syndromes correspond to what area of stroke damage?
central area
Carr and Shepherd’s Approach
1 Analyze the Task
2. Practice the Missing Component
3. Practice the Task as a Whole
4. Transference of Training
How is Medicare part A financed?
Largely through Social Security taxes
Which type of Medicare pays for inpatient services?
Part A
How is Medicare Part B financed?
through federal taxes and monthly premiums from the subscribers
Pays 80%, secondary insurance pays 20% or out of pocket
Medicare Part B
Medicare + Choice options include:
coordinated care plans (HMOs, PPOs and similar arrangements). Now called Medicare Advantage Programs.
Medicare Part D covers
What happens if the patient does not sign the advance beneficiary notice?
the patient is not liable for payment of the denied service.
The assessment instrument that will be used in the skilled nursing facility prospective payment system. The payment system involves using the information on the MDS to classify residents into a resource utilization group (RUGs III) to determine payment for the facility.
The Minimum Data Set (MDS)
Home health agencies are on what type of payment system?
ICD-9 codes are related to
CPT codes relate to
physical therapy intervention
OASIS stands for
Outcome and Assessment Information Set
Use a prospective payment system which uses the Functional Independence Measure (FIM).
Inpatient Rehabilitation or Rehabilitation Hospitals
Stark III laws are related to
anti-kickback laws
Hoehn and Yahr stage characterized by minimal or no functional impairment and unilateral involvement only
Hoehn and Yahr stage characterized by mild to moderate disability
Relaxation exercises for PD are best on what position?
Three Major Types of Strokes
● Cerebral thrombosis
● Cerebral emboli
● Cerebral hemorrhage
What muscles should be exercised in post-polio pts?
the ones that weren't affected
disorder of bone remodeling characterized by increased bone resorption and increased formation.
Paget's disease
preclude to osteoporosis
Normal bone mineral density
more than -1
additional documentation required
Pts. go to inpatient therapy if they can handle
3 or more hrs of therapy/day