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What are the 1st and 2nd leading causes of dementia?
Alzheimer's disease 60%
vascular dementia 20%
What are the major risk factors for dementia?
Advanced age-older than 80
Family history
Apolipoprotein E status
Limited education
Head trauma
Episodic depression or personality disorder
Autosome dominant trans of mutated chromosome 21
What is the first cognition loss with dementia?
Recent memory loss
What are the 3 stages of Alzheimer's?
Mild: Minor changes in memory and language

Moderate: Many behavioral domains are involved

Severe:All intellectual abilities are markedly impaired and motor dysfunction emerges
What are some required laboratory studies to diagnose Alzheimer's
Serum electrolytes (including calcium)
BUN and creatinine
Liver function tests
Thyroid function tests
Vitamin B12 level
What are some focal neurological signs assoc. with vascular dementia?
Extensor plantar responses
Pseudobulbar palsy
Gait abnormalities
Exaggeration of DTR’s
Weakness of an extremity
What are the main features of Lewy Body dementia?
dementia features overlapping with those of Alzheimer's disease
Features of Parkinson's disease
Fluctuation in severity of condition on a day-to-day basis
Early development of hallucinations
Degeneration of the cortical areas with formation of abnormal structures inside nerve cells suggests?
Lewy Body Dementia
Acetylcholine loss and amyloid deposits are characteristic of this disease
Name 2 Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors used to treat Alzheimer's
What other drugs are used to treat Alzheimer's?
Antioxidants: Vit E, Selegiline