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How many members are on the State Board of Examiners of Psychologists? Who are they?
6; 5 licensed psychologists and 1 public member
Fees are refundable or non-refundable? Requests for refund should be made how and by when?
Non-refundable; made in writing and by one year from the date received
Time limit for completion of all licensure requirements is?
One year from the date the Board approved the most recent application or postdoctoral SWE
What should you do if you intend or begin practicing in areas outside your educational, internship, or SWE experience?
Obtain sufficient training in those areas to insure competence
What should you do when developing competency in a service that is new?
1) Engage in ongoing consultation with other psychologists/relevant professional or 2) seek and obtain appropriate education and training
Records of psychological services include:
1) identifying data
2) contact information
3) Fees and billing information
4) Guardian/conservatorship status (where applicable)
5) Documentation of informed consent/assent for treatment
6) Documentation of waivers of confidentiality
7) Documentation of any mandated disclosure of confidential information
8) Diagnosis/reason for service
9) plan for services
10) Health and developmental history
11) date/duration of services
12) type of service
13) nature of intervention/contact
14) formal/informal assessment of status
Must maintain complete records for how many years? If client is a minor?
Seven years after last date of service; 3 years past the age of majority
If a licensed psychologist or applicant is impaired, what is the mechanism for identification to the Board?
Must submit a written statement
If Board finds a psychologist to be impaired, what can they do?
1) require to submit to examination by appropriate licensed professional
2) obtain any and all records relating to incapacity
3) refer to Impaired Colleague Assistance Program to establish diagnosis, plan treatment, or get prognosis
4) Require a rehabilitation program
5) Impose disciplinary sanctions
Psychologists provide forensic reports or testimony only after...
They have conducted an examination of the individual adequate to support the findings
If examination of individual in forensic setting is not feasible...
Psychologist should clarify the impact of their limited information on the reliability/validity of the report
In forensic matters, what should happen with regard to multiple or conflicting roles?
Should avoid performing multiple or conflicting roles in most circumstances, but if necessary, clarify role expectations and extent of confidentiality.
Licensed psychologists should not supervise or employ the following:
1) someone who has voluntarily surrendered a license to practice psychology
2) someone who has been disciplined by the GA Board
3) someone who has been disciplined by any other lawful licensing agency
4) someone who has been convicted of a felony or is under criminal probation
Time limit to report sanctions to the Board
Within 30 days
How often are licenses renewable and what is required for renewal?
Every two years; completion of CE requirements and renewal fee paid
When are late fees for renewals instated?
Within 6 months of the expiration date
Time limit for lapsed licenses to be reinstated and what is required?
Within 1 year from the date of lapsed license; application for reinstatement, documentation of 40 hours of CE and payment of a penalty fee
If license is lapsed for more than 12 months, what is required?
Submission of a new application for licensure by examination waiver, documentation of 40 hours of CE, and passage of jurisprudence and oral examination
3 hours of CE are required in which areas?
Ethics, and Psychopharmacology
How long must CE credit records be maintained?
4 years
What types of CE credits are in Area I and what is the maximum number of hours you can have in this area?
Academic Courses and Professional Supervision by recognized institutions, and structured programs of supervision - Maximum of 20 hours biennally
What types of CE credits are in Area II and what is the maximum number of hours in this area?
Convention attendance (national, international, regional, and state) - maximum of 20 hours biennally
What types of CE credits are in Area III and what is the maximum number of hours in this area?
Workshops and Insititutes lasting a minimum of 3 hours - maximum of 20 hours biennially
What types of CE credits are in Area IV and what is the maximum number of hours in this area?
APA or GPA approved CE programs - require attendance certificate - maximum of 20 hours biennially
What types of CE credits are in Area V and what is the maximum number of hours in this area?
Self-instructional activities - a maximum of 10 hours with a possible additional 6 hours for interactional online CE in real time
How long is a temporary license in effect?
12 months
How long is a provisional license in effect?
24 months
How long can a psychologist using a limited practice of licensing in Georgia practice per year, and what must they do to practice?
Up to 30 days per year; they must notify the Board of intent to practice, dates, addresses, and nature of practice at least 5 days before the practice begins
Who can be issued a volunteer license to practice?
1) Person who is retired from the practice of psychology
2) Person who has inactive status but previously maintained license in good standing
How much supervision is required per how many hours of of face-to-face clinical contact?
1 hour per every 20 hours of contact
What is the maximum number of of supervisees that a psychologist can take primary responsibility for?
Postdoctoral SWE require how many hours of work? How many direct contact hours?
1500; 500
To be a senior I/O psychologist, how many years of independent practice are required? For other licensed psychologists?
5 years; 10 years
How many hours are required for a predoctoral internship? How many direct contact hours?
2000; 500
How many hours of graduate coursework are required prior to internship?
60 hours
What percentage of supervision must be provided by the primary internship supervisor?
At least 80%
How often must interns update a file on each client or work progress?
At least once a month
How many psychologists and how many interns must an internship have?
At least 2 psychologists, 2 interns
Who can call themselves a psychologist?
1) A licensed psychologist
2) Certified school psychologists
3) A professor of psychology
4) An individual with a temporary or provisional license
The SWE must be completed in no less than ______ and no more than ______ after its inception.
11 months; 24 months
Qualifications for license by endorsement for psychologist practicing less than 10 years
1) Current license in state whose standards are not lower than those in Georgia
2) Verification of license in good standing
3) Passing score on EPPP
4) Passing score on GA jurisprudence
5) Passing oral examination
6) Completion of postdoctoral SWE or equivalent work experience of 3 years
What must a psychologist do if they learn of a misuse or misrepresentation of their work?
Take reasonable steps to correct or minimize the misuse/misrepresentation
What should a psychologist do if their ethical responsibilities conflict with the law, regulations, etc.?
Make commitment to ethics code known and take steps to resolve the conflict - if unsolvable, adhere to requirements of law, regulation, etc.
What must a psychologist do if the demands of the organization they are working with/for conflict with the Ethics Code?
Make their commitment to the Ethics code known and resolve the conflict in a way that adheres to the ethics code
If a psychologist suspects that an ethical violation has been committed by another psychologist, what should they do?
1) Attempt to resolve the issue by bringing it to the attention of the other psychologist if informal resolution is appropriate and does not violate client confidentiality.
If an informal resolution of an ethical situation is not possible, what should a psychologist do?
Take further action appropriate to the situation (e.g., referral to boards, or authorities)
The penalty for a violation of the chapter is no less than $____ and no more than $_____. It may also include a imprisonment of _______.
100; 1000; not to exceed 12 months
What are the guidelines for providing psychological services by electronic transmission?
The same legal and ethical standards apply as those for in-person services
Who does the GA Board have jurisdiction over in regards to electronic services?
Psychologists licensed in Georgia and psychologists in other states who are providing services to Georgia residents